Yung delicious be sliding in your DMs

well tekkwash was kind of a 100 subscriber thanks… so this is a 200 subscriber thanks ya’ll mofos is crazy, this is all the scrap clips that didn’t fit the vibe of the tekkwash, i’m well aware alot of these clips are better but don’t say that or my feelings will be hurt.

The 2nd song is a song by Kieren of marrerogang, so.. click on that shit.…

Jam Baxter & Edward Scissortongue – First Bite

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Hey, I am Shyam Deolalikar Online editor at Urban freeflow and one of your UFTV curators. I love watching parkour videos! I have been involved with the Parkour/ Freerunning community since June 2011. Parkour has allowed me to appreciate athletics and movement arts in different ways over the years, leading to me changing up my activities ever so often. Currently transitioning from being a power-lifter/strongman competitor for a year, back to Parkour/Freerunning at the moment. If you wish, follow my progression in my weightloss and parkour on Instagram @falcorr.