Winter Sessions – APEX Pro Team – Episode 6

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It’s been a few months since we’ve put out another APEX pro team episode but we managed to scrap together enough footage for another dope video. The winter weather in Colorado is unpredictable and always changing but we are lucky to have some sunny weather and some dope gyms to train at as a backup plan. Every Sunday at 2pm, we train together as a team, rain, snow, or shine. Sometimes our friends join us too. This monthly series is a glimpse into the fun we have training as a family.

Featuring the APEX Pro Team:
► Dylan Baker (
► Justin Clark (…)
► Brandon Douglass (
► Ryan Ford (
► Dante Grazioli (
► Erica Madrid (…)
► Amos Rendao (

Gym Locations
► APEX Movement Denver (
► APEX Movement Boulder (

Guest Appearances
► Ross Allen, Knox Mannino, Jared Nahulu, Tashi Sanford, Satchel Spencer, Nathan Weston

Camera & Editing
► Lucas Dimoveo Media (…)

► Audi 5000 (Instrumental) by Demigodz

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Hey guys, I'm from Hungary, 21, one of your UFTV curators, hope you will like the videos I share with you. I've been doing parkour since 2008. Currently I have an ankle problem, but hopefully I can train hard again soon. Anyway, if you wish, check out my Instagram account @benimovements , I often post some moves that I still can do with my ankle, some strenght trainings, or about my vegan lifestyle.