The power of movement | Bart van der Linden | TEDxRoermond

The Parkour community is a melting pot of passionate individuals who have great ambition and admirable ideals. It is a community in which experienced practitioners willingly take the responsibility of passing on the values and principles that guide the sport. These leaders foster an environment where all athletes are equal, regardless of their skill level. This attitude creates a community of acceptance and positive motivation for everyone involved.
By sharing his own experiences and insight, Bart opens a window into the world of parkour, through which we can see his vision of how the parkour philosophy can be learned and applied by everyone in their daily lives.

Bart van der Linden is a professional Parkour athlete, from Eersel, The Netherlands. Bart travels all over the world for major competitions, video expeditions and high-level performances. As a top athlete, Bart is committed to constantly challenging himself in order to reach his full potential. He is also a shining example for the international Parkour community. Parkour is a physical exercise, but it is also so much more. According to Bart, Parkour is most of all a mental exercise that creates unity between body and mind. Parkour not only helps one build self-confidence, but also teaches decision-making skills that can be applied to everyday life decisions. In addition, it teaches you discipline and persistence in achieveing your goals.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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Hey guys, I'm from Hungary, 21, one of your UFTV curators, hope you will like the videos I share with you. I've been doing parkour since 2008. Currently I have an ankle problem, but hopefully I can train hard again soon. Anyway, if you wish, check out my Instagram account @benimovements , I often post some moves that I still can do with my ankle, some strenght trainings, or about my vegan lifestyle.