Storm Jam America – Boulder – EP3

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This episode the boys headed down to Colorado to hit up the awesome APEX Movement parkour gym in Boulder. As always a really healthy community vibe and great training session with everyone!

Storm Team members

Blue Devil
Kie Willis
Phil Doyle

Special guests

Alex Schauer
Lynn Jung
Max Henry
Brandon Douglas
Dylan Baker

Thanks to Tara and Woodward for helping make this tour possible!

Filmed by Giles from Visive Productions

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Category: UF.TV
Hey y'all! I'm 19 years old traceur from Finland and one your UFTV curators. I've been training parkour since October 2010. I think our sport, culture and community are all equally amazing and I love being part of them! If you want to say or ask anything, feel free to hit me up with a message :)