Simon’s 28 day recovery training – ETRE FORT

Sometimes the strongest or fittest people amongst us may encounter a sudden setback. The most important thing then is to find and fight your way out of it.
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Such as Simon did:

I can train and play Parkour as usual again. After 25 days of hard work (40 days after the surgery)
I already felt strong and flexibel enough to connect movements, push and pull my body around urban environment and absorb drops.

My main goal was to document the recovery process after my hernia inguinalis TEPP-surgery.
I was very afraid about the surgery and waited more than 3 years until I was forced to do it. I was afraid about the recovery and also about the results because doctors couldn’t give you a straight answer about the outcome (they are also just humans) and there are a lot of people reporting post-surgery complications. The hardest choice was picking the surgery method. I was very confused because doctors didn’t help me make a choice.
So you know how it is. You start searching on the internet 😁🔫😝😝😝… You are pretty much a dead person anyway and you know less than before.
I couldn’t find many reports of athletes doing similar sports as I do.

So maybe this series will help other athletes to be a bit more confident before a hernia inguinalis surgery. I’m not recommending a certain surgery method (like the doctors 😉). But in my case the TEPP was the right one.
A big thankyou to the surgeon who did an amazing job here, the hospital team who treated me like a king and the support I’ve gotten during my recovery from friends and people all over the world.

Respect your body, know and accept your limits but never be afraid to push boundaries and fight for your goals!

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Camera and edit by: Simon Gfeller

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