Shawn and Alfred hit Steel City

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Dodo athletes Shawn Bautista and Alfred Scott traveled to Steel City Parkour in Pittsburg this weekend to get some winter training in. (Sorry for the bad editing, Alfred cant edit very well at all)

Also, if you’re in the Pittsburg area, make sure to check out Steel City Parkour here ( and like them on facebook here! (…)

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Hey guys, I'm from Hungary, 21, one of your UFTV curators, hope you will like the videos I share with you. I've been doing parkour since 2008. Currently I have an ankle problem, but hopefully I can train hard again soon. Anyway, if you wish, check out my Instagram account @benimovements , I often post some moves that I still can do with my ankle, some strenght trainings, or about my vegan lifestyle.