Right ear… Right now | Parkour pov

Paris, Grenoble, Barcelona, Lisbon, Köln, München, Hannover.
Here is a complilation of some POV shots from those cities.
Oups..Sorry for that branch…

Camera : Gopro hero 3 silver. Protune mode. I hold it in my mouth to make it more stable :)

Edit : Premiere pro and After effect ( + Fruity loops for the sounds effects and music )

Music : Fly – Samuel govindin

_ Express Yourself _
_ Samuel Govindin _

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Hey y'all! I'm 19 years old traceur from Finland and one your UFTV curators. I've been training parkour since October 2010. I think our sport, culture and community are all equally amazing and I love being part of them! If you want to say or ask anything, feel free to hit me up with a message :)