PROJEKT RAW is a series dedicated to the development of movement qualities (power, control, creativity, speed, fluidity) through various concepts.

This was simply going to be a continuation of the run from PR 0.1, however, when I arrived at CU, someone had moved all the benches, so I improvised.

[ Similar to RAW in the digital photographic process, the idea behind PROJEKT RAW is to capture and apply all possible information to my movement development, being able to refine the movement into anything I choose via a similar method of processing.

During my movement practice and filming process, I refuse to sacrifice integrity, ideals and methodology in the production process. For each angle, the run was completed fully and with the same intention each time, making sure I do not sacrifice any attribute of movement to better the final production value. Training in this way, you create a base for solid movement development while filming, keeping the consistency of quality movement within the video accurate, while avoiding the act of cutting and pasting runs together to create something refined or whole, which isn’t in reality. ]

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Hey, I am Shyam Deolalikar Online editor at Urban freeflow and one of your UFTV curators. I love watching parkour videos! I have been involved with the Parkour/ Freerunning community since June 2011. Parkour has allowed me to appreciate athletics and movement arts in different ways over the years, leading to me changing up my activities ever so often. Currently transitioning from being a power-lifter/strongman competitor for a year, back to Parkour/Freerunning at the moment. If you wish, follow my progression in my weightloss and parkour on Instagram @falcorr.