Mathieu Larose-Sabourin – Side life 2015

I’m not filming as much as I used to film, but still i’m pretty happy with what I captured on tape this year. There is so many things that I want to practice, that I need to practice. It’s so hard to keep the focus on one thing when there is so many possibilities: technical stuff, flow lines, power jumps, speed lines, single flips, combo flips. So this past year I mixed alot of stuff, but in the end, I always ended up by adding a side flip in what I was doing. So this is my side life :) Hope you’ll enjoy it ! :)

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Category: UF.TV
Hey y'all! I'm 19 years old traceur from Finland and one your UFTV curators. I've been training parkour since October 2010. I think our sport, culture and community are all equally amazing and I love being part of them! If you want to say or ask anything, feel free to hit me up with a message :)