James Ward – Level Up 2015

FINALLY! After a stupidly long wait, I was able to finish this video.
This year has been hectic with training, with dumb power increases and a rise in confidence which led to this video.

I know the editing seems a bit dead, but I desperately wanted to release it as soon as I could.

Massive thanks to: Alfie Green, Adam Mckenna, Tom Homard, Keelan Layton, Samson Parker, TJ Duggan, Ben Gray, Zack Mayer, Brandon Dodgson, Aiste Karnisauskaite, Remis Bidault, Finley Martin, Charlie Taylor, Kaine Mcauly, Straw, and Jordan Howes for helping me film this video and giving me the confidence push my limits :)

Category: UF.TV
Hey y'all! I'm 19 years old traceur from Finland and one your UFTV curators. I've been training parkour since October 2010. I think our sport, culture and community are all equally amazing and I love being part of them! If you want to say or ask anything, feel free to hit me up with a message :)