Went to indonesia for a total of 3 weeks (split into two segments) and explore the main island of Java (Bandung, Jogja, Bromo and Ijen, Surabaya) and Bali and Lombok. Indonesia definitely opened my eyes to what Nature truly is. Almost zero parkour in this film as I just wanted to show the world the beauty of Indonesia!!!

100% recommend travellers to explore indonesia, so underrated! But it’s a good thing I guess, as tourism have not completely ruin the country’s authenticity yet!

PS: I actually Bandung-ed twice!

PSS: Still gotta conquer Rinjani one day…

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Hey guys, I'm from Hungary, 21, one of your UFTV curators, hope you will like the videos I share with you. I've been doing parkour since 2008. Currently I have an ankle problem, but hopefully I can train hard again soon. Anyway, if you wish, check out my Instagram account @benimovements , I often post some moves that I still can do with my ankle, some strenght trainings, or about my vegan lifestyle.