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I’m so happy that finally this video can be made, a bit summarize of an important point of parkour and freerunning to myself, beside the basic definition of parkour and freerunning itself that is art of movement.

It is the “story” when we’re doing parkour and freerunning, yup.. you guys obviously have it all, but maybe it’s only like a breeze, just flowing through, less special. Here I just want to remind us all to make a stories in your own journey when doing parkour and freerunning, it feels great, rather than we argue about whether parkour is efficient of freerunning is identically with flipping, etc.

The most important here is when you can do parkour and freerunning with laughs, smiles, a lot of fun, and enjoyment with others when we train.

Parkour and freerunning is a story maker machine.

So lets make a lot stories, as there is the chance and we still can do it before you guys become too busy for working.. haha
it’s oftentimes be the reason actually, haha.

regard, family

“Senang akhirnya video ini bisa terealisasi, sedikit merangkum hal penting dari parkour dan freerun buat saya pribadi selain dari arti parkour dan freerun itu sendiri yaitu seni bergerak.
Sebuah “cerita” ketika di parkour dan freerun itulah hal penting yang saya maksud, yup… kalian pasti punya itu semua, hanya saja itu hanya seperti angin berhembus, lewat begitu saja, kurang special, tapi disini saya hanya ingin mengingatkan lagi bahwa membuat cerita-cerita di perjalanan kalian sendiri ketika di parkour dan freerun itu asik sekali daripada kita terlalu sibuk mempermasalahkan kalau parkour itu efisien dan freerun identik dengan flip, DLL.
Yang terpenting disini adalah ketika kalian bisa melakukan parkour dan freerun dengan ketawa, senyum, having fun dan enjoy bersama ketika latihan.
Parkour dan freerun adalah mesin pembuat sebuah cerita.
Jadi ayo buat cerita sebanyak-banyaknya selagi itu masih bisa dan ada kesempatan sebelum kalian sibuk bekerja… Hahah
Soalnya itu sih biasanya kendalanya hahah

Salam Keluarga.”


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Hey, I am Shyam Deolalikar Online editor at Urban freeflow and one of your UFTV curators. I love watching parkour videos! I have been involved with the Parkour/ Freerunning community since June 2011. Parkour has allowed me to appreciate athletics and movement arts in different ways over the years, leading to me changing up my activities ever so often. Currently transitioning from being a power-lifter/strongman competitor for a year, back to Parkour/Freerunning at the moment. If you wish, follow my progression in my weightloss and parkour on Instagram @falcorr.