Crew42: 42 Travels – O Canada

After leaving Orlando during their September holiday, Carl and Olly travelled through Toronto, Hamilton and Montreal, before going separate ways. Carl stayed at the Monkey vault and with its owner Dan Iaboni for a few days on his return to Sydney, somehow meeting up with some familiar faces.

“I’ve wanted to go to Canada since not long after I started parkour. The videos coming out of the scene there always impressed me: not just individuals, but the whole community seemed so strong and motivated (particularly in Montreal). The only contact I had there before I left was Trevor, who was invaluable to Olly and I, but incredibly enough we still had help and hospitality from everyone for the duration of our stay.
I was unfortunate enough to massively exacerbate my injured foot while I was in Hamilton, completely halting jumping for the rest of the trip (and some time after) but fortunately I still had Olly and the Canadians to shoot despite the awful weather.”

It goes without saying but a massive thank you to everyone that we stayed with and trained with, I didn’t realise that there was a country of people that are so super hospitable they collectively call themselves Canadians.

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