Crew 42: Carl Luiker – Heeling Up

Last year when Carl went to America, he was still recovering from a heel injury but could still train well enough (his America video:…). However, in his first few days in Canada (…) he severely agitated the injury on an unfortunate landing on an armjump he was drilling, where his heel slipped inside the shoe and banged against it from the force of the movement. Carl was in crutches the next day and couldn’t do any training on his right foot at all for the rest of the trip. On his return to Australia he spent the first couple weeks doing movements with minimal impact and an emphasis on creativity (which he’s very bad at) and upper body.
Carl is fully recovered from his foot injury now but is still working on ridding himself of all injuries he’s acquired over the past few years, so that he can train at full capacity in the near future. Look after your body people!
Music: J.Cole – G.O.M.D
Celebrity appearance: Russel Brand

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