California Parkour Tour 2016

This is my highlight video of my trip to California. We stayed mainly around LA, Santa Barbara, and San Diego. I have a ton of extra footage because I was there for two weeks, so if I receive enough comments asking for the extra raw footage to be posted, then I will make an “Extra’s” video.

This trip started with me and Ashley Ederer buying tickets to LA for the sole reason that we wanted to travel and had free time because of winter break from college. After I bought my tickets, I invited a few of my friends including Alfred Scott, Josh Dohy, and Lucas Othmer. They all bought tickets within a week of when I asked them and then invited more people. This process continued rapidly until about 25-35 professional athletes ended up buying tickets. This event got so big that we turned it into a tour. I’m incredibly happy with what this event turned into and I can’t wait for my next adventure!

I also want to give a huge thanks to all of those who either gave me rides, a place to stay, or just helped make this video in general! Thank you all so much!!!

Music-let me clear my throat

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