From today on, we will be having advertisements on the Urban Freeflow Blog and we want to openly share why we chose to do so.
We’re not partnered with any brand like Rolex, we never will be, and we know why.


First, we want to let you know why we bought Urban Freeflow (also known as “UF”) in early 2014. It was actually a rather simple thought that led us to buying the brandname, the domain and the Glyph Logo.

We wanted to give back to the community.

All four of us (Jason from Team Farang, and Enis, Pascal Advertise Urban Freeflow Team Ashigaruand me, Aaron, from Team Ashigaru) have been making a living from doing Parkour / Freerunning for a couple of years now.

That meant to combine all the different possible income options at once for the longest time: coaching, performing, doing stunts, producing videos, organising events and building Parkour obstacles with our bare hands, until we reached a relative stability doing so.
But through that effort, it felt that to some degree we had drifted away from the community, through spending most of our time on becoming more professional athletes and Parkourpreneurs to make a living.

Advertise on Urban Freeflow Team AshigaruSeeing the community growing around and with us, was what kept us motivated and on track at times where it seemed like following our passion was an unsustainable way to go.

So when Paul “EZ” Corkery announced on Facebook in early 2014 that he wanted to sell the framework of the former UF  we saw it as a chance to be closer again to what had always appealed to us in Parkour. We saw it as a chance to give back to the community and to the art / discipline.

It was a huge sign of dedication that the community had showed for our art and discipline when the popular athletes had stood up in 2012 for what they believed was right – they opposed all the negative ongoings behind the UF walls and acted as one.

We wanted to uphold that sign of respect, got active and searched for ways how we could give back to the community. We contacted our friends in the scene, tried to figure out what we were missing and as a result built the new Urban Freeflow.

“Today Urban Freeflow is a sustainable Community, where we channel people’s wisdom, talent and knowledge. Everyone takes part in inspiring and empowering individuals and growing the whole.
We are helping out each other now, so that future generations will have easy access to free knowledge and genuine sources, and will be influenced by the shining role models in our scene.

It’s a community that survives and thrives on gratefulness, sunshine and rainbows.”

This hasn’t exactly become reality yet. But we are taking major steps in the right direction.
Unfortunately, even though our technicians are doing the best they can, we as a community might not be able to grow and thrive from gratefulness, sunshine and rainbows only. At least not in the close future.

Giving up this dream was not an option.

In the past two years having worked on making that dream come true, we’ve had major breakdowns along the way, working with people who didn’t really understand that we weren’t after the cheap buck and that we wanted to build something long-term.
And we lost quite a bit of money in doing so, which we had privately given.

Despite having invested countless hours of our time – and asking even more people to do so as well (here are just a few of them) – we didn’t generate a single cent.


But we had to make a decision:

Do we cease working for our dream – that Parkour grows healthily as major positive driving force in people’s lives and allows those who are passionate, talented and devoted within the community to make a stable living without selling out?

Or do we ask those for whom we started our mission for help?

We figured if you guys wouldn’t want to support us, it would mean we were doing something wrong anyways.

Advertise on Urban Freeflow

With placing ads on we have made that decision. We keep pursuing this dream of creating the kind of community the 21st century deserves.


Every means will ultimately serve the genuine and well-meaning individuals of our sport and culture. Long-term we don’t want to rely on outside-brands or corporations, but we want to support the Parkourpreneurs and individuals who serve our Community and Culture.
We will support those who are stepping out of their own way to create value for others. 

Today, we want to use this first step in making Urban Freeflow a sustainable source of reliable information for the Traceur / Freerunner / Fitnessjunkie / Traveler / Health-Guru / Mover and Explorer
and ask you guys for a favour.

Please help us, by whitelisting on your adblockerHere is how.
Advertisements only pay, if seen. By doing this step, you will help us to sustain Urban Freeflow and allow us to keep creating and curating valuable content.

Be assured, that we are working on creating more possibilities for you to support us.
(Did anyone say cool-ass all-new designed and high-quality Freerunner-suited, fashionable no-sweatshop T-Shirts?)

If you really want to do us a favour, please let us know what you think in the comments below.

Do you support our mission?

Do you want to contribute by writing an article?

Or maybe you want to share an idea about a product or service, that we should create for the community?

You can also contact us via the contact form, if you would like to get in touch personally. We will answer every single message or request.


Thanks to Johannes Krenzer for the featured image.