Article by Rusty

It’s obvious that most freerunners love the baggy look, you can find out why that might be in Jason Paul’s latest post on Farang-mag here! So why do some wear Skinny’s? Hugely popular and successful freerunners such as Pasha, Jessie LeFlair and Norml Brand athlete Joe Strange have been seen wearing skinny jeans in hostile movement conditions including, deserts, high octane competitions and London…


So why have some freerunners stepped away from the 2008 Hobo Fashion looks that have always been seen as the freerunners uniform?

Freerunners have always been close nit within our niche sport and trends tend to spread like wild fire. £10 trainers and even cheaper jogging bottoms made sense for a sport that had no prospect of earning any money (the road to homelessness). Most of us started training when we were at school and weren’t about to spend our hard earned pocket money or even our precious training time looking for the perfect outfit to display our persona, that was the last thing on anyones mind.

“Noble men, Lone Ranger, Elvis – or Bum”

Why is it cool to wear tight pants? The origins of the skinny fit may have come from the 16th century, nobles would wear tight fitting breeches as opposed to the poorer who could not afford a tailor. Since then Drainpipes saw a rise in the 1950’s worn by famous actors and movie characters such as Zorro and The Lone Ranger, even Elvis shocked the nation by bringing Skinny Jeans to Rock’n’Roll creating his infamous, bad boy image.


Skinny jeans have seen rises and falls in fashion but seem to be quite staple to the current market. It wasn’t until around 2008 when Skinny jeans really broke into the men’s market on a mean stream level. In 2008 Parkour was still in it’s fledgling stages, jogging bottoms just made sense, to wear jeans at all was usually a hindrance however with the ever growing lust for tight denim, manufacturers started to add elastane to their jeans making them more and more stretchy allowing fashion savvy extreme sport athletes to take the fitted look out of their day to day and into the sports that have shaped and moulded their lifestyle. Since then we’ve seen skinny jeans hit the Freerunning Fashion scene.


Freerunners have created a ‘look’ with baggy everything and it’s a damn comfy one, however I know many athletes that rock up to a jams in their skinny’s, strip off and don a pair of XXXXXXXL Joggers. Is it a habbit, is it a necessity or does it just feel right?

No matter what you wear, wear with pride and remember that what you wear is the first thing someone will see when they look at you, so give them the right impression!

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