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We’ve been having an eye on Bart since we met him on X-Tour and got impressed by his amazing and unique skills plus the mindset to throw down gnarly shit anytime. I didn’t take us long to recognize this guy is here to stay, so we sent some questions his way so you can find out more!


Hey man,  you dropped some pretty impressive videos lately and we had a few shots of you in our X-Tour video aswell, so people are starting to recognize you. Who are you and where do you come from?

Well. My name is Bart van der Linden but most people call me Bartje… because, because that’s why. What? I grew up in a small village in the Netherlands but now I spend most of my days in Amsterdam and Eindhoven.

I love making video’s and I am glad people like it. I am still getting better so there’s going to be more in the future.

How did you learn your first tricks when you started out? Did you have somebody to teach you or did you learn by yourself?

It all started when I begged my mom for a trampoline and eventually got it. From then on I was basically living on that trampoline. Almost every trick I do on the streets is learned on that trampoline. I decided that it would be a lot cooler if I could do all the tricks without a trampoline. Back then I didn’t even know what parkour was.

I trained alone for 3 years before i met a guy who was sort of doing the same thing. After that things went really fast and now i am here.


Did you do any other sports before?

Besides living on a trampoline i played a lot of football(soccer) when i was young. I was scouted by a few proffesional clubs but i needed something to express myself and discovered parkour.

What’s going on in the dutch community? Is there any other people we should have an eye on?

The Dutch community is…… I can’t tell nowadays actually. I am part of a loving community with a lot of people from and around Amsterdam but there is also a lot going down in The Hague and Rotterdam and probably a lot of other places.

There are loads of new kids doing crazy stuff but i think you should keep an eye on Onur Eren from Rotterdam and Joachim Dinkelman from the Munki Motion Crew.

You have an impressive collection of Bails, did you have any bad injuries?


No. I never had bad injuries because I bailed. I only had some injuries because I overused my body. As a kid I loved to do Jackass stuff like jumping in bushes and stuff with bicycles. I like doing new stuff and I like filming first tries, that combination can lead to nice footage.

I am a real fan of doing jumps thousands of times until i can do them clean as hell.


We had an article about conquering fear on here lately, how do you deal with fear before a new jump?

It might sound funny but l think that acting like a jackass as a kid helped me with conquering fear. When I see a new jump and I come to the conclusion that it’s do-able for me i can easily tell myself: “Come on Bartje have a try and get it over with.

This usually works but sometimes there are jumps you really want to do but you’re not really sure if you can do it. If this is the case I look at a plan B. Can I bounce it? Can I grab something else? How big is the drop? After questioning all these things i decide if I will do it or not, Then if I don’t make it I will not be surprised and know what to do to keep my body safe.

Sometimes after all these steps I still have a bad feeling about a jump. When this happens I know that I have to walk away and come back another day. A true tracer knows his limits.


What are you up to right now? Are you still in school or do you have a job?

At the moment I’m trying to make a living as a freerunner. I can pay for my living, but it’s hard to save money… I hope this will improve so i can travel to everywhere and nowhere. I will never regret the decision to live as a fulltime Freerunner. I go out every day not knowing what kind of adventures are going to take place and end up in the weirdest places.

One time i was doing parkour missions in the center of Amsterdam through the Redlight District and jumping canals and all of a sudden I end up in a Multi-Million Dollar Penthouse drinking whiskey with the Conductor of a famous orchestra. It’s so nice to meet new people every day.

“Every person you meet knows something you don’t” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Every day I learn new stuff and every day I take a moment to be happy with

What are you passionate about outside of Freerunning?

Besides Freerunning I have a true passion for music. I love playing guitar, drums, harmonica and the piano. There is a song for every emotion.

The best thing in life is building a campfire with some friends some beer and a few guitars. I love listening to Ben Howard,  good old blues and loads of other stuff like Drum and Dass, HipHop and Jazz.

If you would ask my granddad to describe me he would say: “Bartje is a guitar playing hippie wearing oversized joggers jumping from buildings doing flips and twists.”

If you had a free trip to anywhere in the world right now, where to would it be?

My plan is to travel the world as soon as I have some money. With a free ticket I would choose to go to Tonsai beach in Thailand. Since I heard of the place I want to go there. My plan will be: climbing rocks all day long,  jumping into the water and to do some slacklining.

At night I would love to chill with some live music and a stunning still not found beautiful girl by my side.


Who would you take with you?

I would take with me: Mister Jurian Gravett. The maker of the adventures of the Johnny’s video. Best friends since the day we met.


With Juri around you will never be bored again, he comes up with the weirdest challenges and you will laugh your ass off. Juri is magical!

Freerunning is really in a phase of development right now, where do you think will it go?

mannnn….. what a question…. there is so much talent right now and so much people doing sick stuff. I am thinking about this question for almost an hour now and the only thing I can come up with is that kids nowadays have so much more facilities to train then when I started. For example Copenhagen: There is Freerunning Park at every corner of the street.

They just have perfect circumstances to train and this makes people progress so much faster then a few years back. The standards today are sick and i think that the future of Freerunning will offer us some nice stuff.


And where is Bartje gonna go? Whats up next?

I think I am going to get my self a ship and become a pirat. After sailing and conquering 7 seas I will have all the rum in the world. Jason would you be my first mate? Pasha would you help me drink the rum? What I really want to do is become better and better, I want to travel more, make more video’s and meet awesome people.

Of course I am already busy with the next beasty video. I have some secret projects and as soon as I have money i will travell to Bangkok to start my journey.