The first ever “We Jump the World Day” has been announced and created for that matter by Team Farang! On David Belle’s birthday, April 29th (he’ll be 43 this year by the way), the whole world will unite in a day of movement.

Here is what’s happening at a glance.


You. Literally the whole Parkour and Freerunning world is invited – no – challenged to join this global day celebrating the freedom of movement!


You’ve already created an even without knowing what exactly is going to happen?
This is an world wide cross-(all-)borders Parkour and Freerunning jam.
That doesn’t mean we’re rebelling against any of the ruling governments, but we do try to bring down the borders – at least a little. In our very own way.
In times of the internet we no longer submit to the imaginary lines drawn between our countries, but come together in movement, humility and the understanding that above all, we are the same. We have the same need for support from the ones who are closest, we all wish to be of help for others and to do so we’ll show the world that through uniting in one spirit, we can overcome any obstacle!


Join the storm, it’s as easy as that:

  1.  create a public facebook event page for your own city for the 29th of April
  2. name it “We Jump the World Day – Your City Name
  3. invite your friends
  4. make sure to send the link to 
  5. watch your event location pop up on the We Jump the World events map, as the Farangs enter your data!
  6. train with everyone on the 29th of April


Everywhere around the world. And in your city. Everyone can be a part of it.
Don’t worry, you don’t have to take a leap of faith and be the first one to do it.
Many are already part of it!
Simply create your own Facebook event for the We Jump the World day and invite your friends!

We Jump the World

On April 21nd 2016 already 141 cities from all around the world joined in. USA, South Africa, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Germany, Turkey, Palestine, New Zealand, Nepal… just to name a few of the participating nations.

We Jump the World Day – Global Video

Team Farang will cut a global video of the international Parkour and Freerunning Community!
You can send in your snippet of the gathering to (best is to upload them via WeTransfer, otherwise they might not get through) and the Farangs will create a video out of a selection of the videos from the 29th of April.

What to film?

  1.  Shot of you talking to the camera saying your name, where you are and your
  2. Show your location. Show your surroundings. Do get creative. ;)
  3. Show your Parkour or Freerunning Jump from April 29th. It doesn’t have to be big. It can be your very first jump ever. Just share your move, your love, your clip and remember that it is about the community – not about showing off. (Make sure to only send in authentic clips from the day itself.)

If you’re not sure what exactly to do, have a look at Team Farang’s explanation video to the We Jump the World Day.

An additional Challenge – or Duty?

Now this is for all the Urban Freeflow readers – and basically every mover out there.

Make sure you know what you stand for. It’s important that you have fun, which, quite honestly, will happen – you’re out all day training and jumping around with your best mates. What could be more fun?
But as the above mentioned will probably happen all by itself, it’s important to not forget that it is in our responsibility to unlock the deeper potential within Parkour. 

Creating community and a sense of belonging, out of the blue, through movement, is one of the incredible ways we can use to connect with a stranger in an instant.

Maybe you’ll come across some interested people who look like they would enjoy moving with you. Invite them in for a cartwheel. Maybe teach them a lazy vault. Show them how empowering and freeing it is to play with our only naturally given tool – our body.

“To be strong to be useful” is a core value of our sport and culture for a reason. If you’re out there training and you see an old lady needing help to cross the street – use your power, give it a good sprint and help that lady. Or maybe you’re just coming out of the train station on the way to the jam wearing your big sweatpants – then make use of your 18 inch arms and hold the door open so the mom with the baby stroller can slip through. We are who you choose to represent us as. 

Remember that you train for a reason. How much is it worth overcoming your fears all day, blasting out doubles (probably tripples is more accurate these days), if you panic out the second there is someone in need and you could help. Or you’re not answering your friends phone-call because you want to escape a commitment that you’re no longer in the mood for.

Rather, take responsibility, share this post, or just the message with your friends while you are training. Share your concerns or the creative ideas you’re having with them – and join forces to realise dreams into existence!