Hernia Inguinal Recovery- My 28 Days Recovery Training- Etre Fort

While perusing through UFTV, I stumbled on this video and re-watched it. Something clicked. The video is from Etre Forte and shows Simon Gfeller’s process of recovery from a major hernia inguilis surgery.

The video echoes nostalgia from Parkour videos of the past. The countless repetition of body-weight exercises, the nascent athlete: beginning to feel life again after facing such a major obstacle.

Its significance however is in the emotion it evokes. You see him struggle with these countless exercise’s to bring him to full strength again, the doubt, and the literal pain from the process of rehabilitation. This video inspires in such an old school way.

“But why? Why should you care?”

Injury happens-even if you don’t agree with that statement hear me out-we all get hurt. We all can experience trauma, physical injury, a life change for the worse. I would be a nag by saying that this is when the philosophical underpinnings of this sport or discipline whatever you call it are the most important.  Overcoming obstacles, being strong when that moment that may test you finally strikes.  These adage’s however overused speak truth.

Christopher Hollingsworth,Daniel Arroyo,  Luci Romberg to name a few and countless other athletes all dealt with their challenges whether physical or mental, and showed their perspective, their journey, how they dealt with them in their video’s, documentaries, Vlogs. Whatever the medium, whatever the style. These types of video’s are important.

“What challenges are you facing ? How can you tell your own story in spite of adversity in order to inspire?”

Just some food for thought to maybe approach your video’s from a different perspective.

Here is a list of video’s of such a nature:

Tru Beauty: A Luci Romberg Story from Tempest

Christopher Hollingsworth:Fearless by Muv Mag

Rene Scavington’s Parkour Natural Achilles mend Vlog series

Something Beautiful by Muv Mag

MasaCam vlog series from Masa Suzuki

What ideas do you have? Let us know in the comments below.