Parkour is synonymous with chase, the chase we might see James Bond make to catch his adversary or the chase Zorro would give an unwitting criminal. Even before the word Parkour was invented we’ve seen the practises of it on the big screen. However, rarely do we see these action films directly reference ‘Parkour’ for what it is.


The first true PK film was to be the 2001 French flick Yamakasi, named after the elite and founding group of Freerunners,
they took to the stage to take part in an epic tail with ideals not too dissimilar from Robin Hood, take from the rich and give to the poor. The group uses Parkour in the same way we all do now, a way to enjoy ourselves, spend time together and push our limits. The problem occurred when The Yamakasi inspired a young boy to climb resulting in severe injuries. It soon becomes apparent that the health service will not cover the costs of the surgery, this forces the  Yamakasi to hatch a plan to steal valuables from three of the Health Insurance directors houses in order to seek justice for the young boy.

This Story was played out by the world’s best athletes and although hosted violence and robbery, it seemed to have many parallels with the base principles of Parkour, to be strong, and to use that strength to help others. It was relevant, reasonably humble and connoted heroism and strength for anyone that might be interested in starting to practice Parkour.

‘Taylor Lautner holding a gun, dunno how he’s going to Kong Pre’ Imax with that in his hand’


14 years later and we see Hollywood have a healthy stab at tackling parkour head on.
Unlike the epic chase scenes we’ve seen in James Bond and the Bourne Films, we are set into a world in which groups of adults practice their stunts because that’s just what they do, they love to train. Taylor Lautner is a Bike messenger come werewolf…. oh wait wrong film. Anyway, Taylor’s character sees him flung into the arms of a beautiful young traceur who takes him in and introduces him to the world of parkour.

It is going to be interesting to see how this film displays the attributes of parkour, especially baring in mind that every poster that I’ve seen shows Taylor Lautner holding a gun, dunno how he’s going to Kong Pre’ Imax with that in his hand… With more funding, more outsider influence and more actors pretending to be good at parkour then ever, I don’t plan on being impressed, but I do plan on giving this film my time of day. Hey, if anything good comes of this film it will be Bart van der Linden’s epic promotional edit that you can watch here! Not to mention watching Josh Yadon, the Ginger Beast throwing down on the big screen.


One last thing –

at least they’ve respected the leggings and shorts look…