Team Jestion VenturesTeam Jestion has been a shining example in the Parkour and Freerunning World, that challenged even long established teams in terms of videography, and helps to bring Parkour travel-sponsorings one step closer to the world.

Below the interview with Riccardo Chemello, who has been producing astonishing shorts as part of the production studio Kimeral, you can see great photographs from their most recent journey through Asia.

Hey Riccardo, having met you guys in Bangkok this February, I know that you are up to something big once again. You and the entire Team Jestion have been traveling through Asia for the past 2 months.

Can you give us a sneak-peak about what we can expect? As far as I know, this will be your biggest project to date!

Last year we’ve begun to plan our new film. We decided to keep a policy of secrecy for what concern the title of the film, the locations we chose and the story line so as to avoid revealing any particulars. Anyway I can tell you generally speaking what we’re doing.

We’re doing our best for the production of this film. The two months we spent in Asia have been very strong. We started with India and then we went to Myanmar with a short stop in Bangkok just to say “Hi” to the Farangs and other friends who live there.

Team Jestion Ventures

Dimitris Dk’ Kyrsanidis also took part in the making of this huge project – I think he’ll not disappoint to surprise us…

This production in India and Myanmar was very long. For 48 days we’ve been travelling in lost locations of the world, every 3-4 days we had to pack one’s bag and get ready for  6-7 hours of car/driving, or 2-3 hours of flight. It was very demanding. I’ll tell you the exact details of this production in the next interview in closer to the film’s launch.

This film is not going to be only a film about Parkour. It will have a good part of storytelling.

With the travel we made in Asia we covered the 50% of the entire production, We’ve still a lot of scenes to shoot and in a short time we’re going to start again with the shooting. The film is gonna be release after summer.


With the Cappadocia video you achieved something that every Freerunner is yearning for: you found sponsors that payed for your expenses, while traveling and shooting videos. Are sponsors involved in this trip as well?

Run into Adventure – Team Jestion Interview
The Film will be produced by Kimeral, our own film production company. There will be other sponsors but at the moment we can’t reveal their names.

It looks like Jestion and Kimeral are still stepping up their game – and being a good example on how to be Parkourpreneurs. (Sorry for that horrible made-up word, but you get what I mean.)

 You’ve been a leading team in terms of high-level videography. What is your tip to come up with new ideas / matchcuts / topics for the up-and-coming filmmakers out there? 

I’m inspired by famous directors/filmmaker  on Vimeo and personally I love the productions of Brain Farm and Sherpas Cinema. Also don’t forget [Christopher] Nolan and [Alejandro González] Iñárritu [“The Revenant”]. It is essential to be inspired by the best!
Team Jestion Ventures
Besides this video you are currently filming for – any other big plans for Team Jestion in 2016?
This year we’re going to be very busy for this film, but in a short time we’ll publish/post a video we shot during the last days we spent in Bangkok. Concerning April and May we’re producing more material for Youtube.
And of course we’re going to launch our new collection of clothes! Stay tuned and have look out at the Jestion Shop!


Everyone gets it wrong all the time. So how do you really pronounce “Jestion”? Is the american way right?

Say jestion as JESTION !!!!!!!!!! Hahaha

Haha, finally we know. Thanks for updating us Riccardo. We will stay in touch – and update everyone how Team Jestion will keep rocking their journey. 

Have a look at Riccardo’s photography below!

1918971_10203948079581684_2473041064005536476_nTeam Jestion

Team Jestion Ventures

Team Jestion

Team Jestion Ventures

Team Jestion Ventures