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Storm Freerun just released an epic Barcelona edit showcasing the broad talent of their team once again. Enjoy the edit and scroll down for a few questions we asked the filmmaker Giles from Visive Productions.

Why did you guys decide to hit up Barcelona?

To my knowledge Barcelona was mainly Tim’s call but I think once he had come up with the idea, everyone was pretty set on it! We had all seen the Born To Trace videos that are filmed there which gave us a good taste for the place and I knew a lot of skaters travel there to shoot so I was keen to check it out! Its an amazing city with some really varied architecture which made it really interesting to film around.

How long did it take you to shoot the video and did you know any locations before you went there?

We were out there for 8 days and shooting every day. We had a couple of guides, the main one being Aral ‘Roca’ Gomez who on the first night turned up with a spreadsheet of locations that we could hit up so we were pretty well organised for the week. The city is actually really easy to get around so on the few occasions a location wouldn’t work out it didn’t take long to get to the next one on the list.


We loved seeing the whole Team back together in one video, is there more content to come?

To be honest I don’t know! I mean its not like the team was dragged back together just for the video, they have always been a team! Its just I’m not sure what the plans are in terms of creating another big project like that. I hope so! The entire thing was funded through Storm Clothing so I guess if more people keep supporting Storm, the quicker we can be creating new videos like this one!