Lachette are a Danish based retailer stocking a huge roster of parkour brands, including; Norml Brand, Etre Fort, Krap and many, many more. Not only has Christopher Clausen, founding member of Lachette, created a shipping friendly haven for Danish freerunners but he has also recently made his site international. Lachette have been giving back to the Danish community for years, supporting local jams and hosting their own events, check out the time we visited the BGI academy for the Lachette 3year anniversary here!


Not only do Lachette sell a plethora of awesome parkour brands but they also stock a selection of their own apparel. Their spring release hosts the Lachette ‘Quiver’ design on a selection of grey and red, super soft cotton T-shirts as well as a navy crew neck jumper.


Lachette haven’t given you cut and sew, they haven’t created a line of clothing that’s revolutionary but it does seems to do a damn good job at serving it’s purpose. The clothing is great quality and sports the Lachette logo for everyone looking to represent.


Lachette have managed to build some great connections however it’s a difficult time for parkour retailers, brands aren’t able to produce clothing at a low enough cost and consumers aren’t willing to pay enough for retailers to make a good profit from buying wholesale. I’ll be writing a post that covers this topic later in the month so stay tuned to Urban Freeflow by signing up now!

In the meantime head over to and check out all the products they have in store. If you were looking into buying some of last seasons Norml Brand, Lachette is the only place you can still buy, get in there before it’s too late!