Farang have been known to bring freerunners quality, from their social media to their cut and sew garments, but not everyone appreciates the style choices the design team makes, or perhaps they just fail to appreciate… Since 2013 Farang have boasted quality a with their huge drop in late 2013. The team dropped a capsule of 10+ finished pieces online, at the time the team were really leading the way for an emerging subculture, Freerunning Fashion. Farang Winter '15 with Rusty City View Farang have never done things inside the box, they take reference and inspiration from other successful brands in the skate, fashion and streetwear industries and that isn’t always well understood. Especially for some of their fans who are engulfed in their freerunning bubble. Since 2013 Farang have released another two smaller collections. After speaking with Anan, one of the driving forces behind the brand, he told me that releasing smaller, more complex ranges was a business savvy way they could avoid dead-stock at the end of season and more importantly remain sensitive to ever evolving trends. Farang Winter '15 with Rusty Double Details It’s clear that Farang like to push people’s comfort zones, their lavish fits and high-end references might be something that some people don’t quite get but no one can deny the effort that goes into such bespoke pieces, you clearly get what you pay for. unless you live in the UK in which case you pay mostly for shipping and import tax… Farang Winter '15 with Rusty Double Portrait

“As far as the futures concerned, we wanna keep growing a diverse culture through clothing, video, photos and any other creative outlets we can think of, and hopeful push a few button along the way.” Anan Anwar

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