Article by Rusty

Most freerunners were born into a digital age and have perhapes, an unsurprising amount of love for video games! Razor uses the log line, ‘Life is Just a Game’ and backs this up by sponsoring athletes from all corners of the extreme scene, including Wakeboarding, MMA and Freerunning!

” If you were in the Parkour Video Game, what Class would you be?”

Where is our freerunning game?! (ignoring the game ‘Free Running‘ by Rebellion Development, that was way before it’s time and failed miserably in 2007.)

Video games often use clothing and accessories to help develop specific areas of a character’s skills, perhaps baggy joggers might give you a flow bonus? If you were in the Parkour video game, what class would you be? We’ve highlighted a couple of Freerunning archetypes for you to have a think about:

The Teacher – A strong all-rounder who focuses his time helping others, he uses the skills he’s learnt to support his comrades with knowledge that he’s acquired through years of scientific training and research.


The Superstar – The man at the pro jam that is swarmed by children, he’s the guy on a budding young traceurs bedroom wall in the form of a poster, the inspiration for many young athletes. He uses his creativity and lust to create jaw dropping moves for the cameras.


The Flow Master – A humbled traceur shaded not by the lure of double flips and triple spins, he uses his dedication and creativity to piece together huge lines, flowing though his city with minimum resistance.


The Control Class – The Control class might be considered the lone ranger, he drills precision jumps for hours and never walks away from an awkward leap. He might not be flipping in front of the Youtube masses but he has more control than any other class.


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