In previous articles, you may have noticed me banging on about the importance of packing light, especially when trying to travel cheaply! Obviously you avoid paying for hold luggage on flights, but there are tonnes more of less obvious benefits that are waiting for you to discover!

So in this world of budget travel, sleeping on roof tops and running from security – what do you pack? I’m about to show you what I strip my belongings down to when I’m away. What’s bizarre is I often feel like I could live indefinitely out of my backpack with these essentials.

numbers1. Spare Clothes
I don’t usually bring anything spare, but for those of you who enjoy more variation, this is an obvious essential.

2. Storror Backpack
Genuinely great bit of kit (yes I’m biased) but honestly, I use this everyday. Perfect for week long training trips, everything I mention in this list can fit in this bag with plenty of room spare. 15’ MacBook Pro slides neatly into the laptop sleeve in the main compartment – and that’s great!

3. Laptop
Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I can do 99% of all my work from anywhere in the world. Providing I can find a decent WiFi connection, of course.

4. Bandana
This isn’t just a useless fashion accessory. This is definitely a Storror essential when sleeping outside. Wrap a bandana round you before you go to sleep to cover your eyes, this way you don’t get woken up at 5am by blazing sunshine!

5. Battery Pack
If you’re not sure the next time you’ll be able to charge your gear, this is an essential. Probably my favourite item on the list, I can charge my phone up to 8 times whilst on the move. Invest in one of these if you’re looking to travel often.

6. Storror 5 Panel
Keeps your hair out of your eyes, whilst simultaneously making you look fucking epic.

7. Canon EOS 600D
Lame and outdated – I know! This is the classic entry level video+photo DSLR but it’s getting old now. Need an upgrade soon.

8. Puma Future R698 Lite
Single best pair of shoes I’ve trained in ever. Great flexibility and touch, really comfortable, and the perfect level of impact protection.

9. Lip Balm
For some strange reason, when I’m outside a lot my lips get dry and cracked. For long trips this is definitely essential.

10. Aftersun
Lol I’m english. It’s inevitable, so I might as well be prepared.

11. Notebook
Travel provides insight and ideas that you wouldn’t ordinarily be exposed to. You never know when inspiration might hit you, so have something you can jot your thoughts down in.

12. Passport
I’m not going to insult you by explaining why this is essential.

13. Wallet
Again, self explanatory. Life costs money, put your money in here.

14. Sunglasses 
If your destination is sunny, and you don’t want to get a headache from permanently squinting, make sure these are packed.

15. GoPro HD Hero 3 Black Edition
Getting old now, but this is still a great bit of kit for documenting your experience. Made to be versatile and hard wearing, chuck it in your bag and you’ll definitely make use of it.

16. Hammock
Another one of my favourite items on the list. We were given these by a friend in Singapore, and I’ve used it so frequently since. Rather than sleeping on the floor, or lugging around a ground mat, string one of these up wherever you are!