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Have a quick look at what Parkour Shoe can defy even the most weathery conditions. RedBull, and now also GoPro sponsored Athlete Jason Paul recommends:

Hey Guys,
I know we’re are always on the search for a good Parkour Shoe and we try around with lots of different ones. But every now and then we stumble on a gem we really like and that’s when we feel like sharing it with you.

Parkour Shoe – Puma FUTURE R689

Parkour Shoe Puma Future

I got the Puma FUTURE R689 with Pasha in Mexico, after we both destroyed our shoes. We liked them more for their style than being convinced of their functionality and turned out to like them more than expected.


I don’t want to get to deep into this, because shoes are so specific for each person, so here is a quick runthrough:

Grip – Not the best I ever had, but it works fine for me on all walls and bars and when I did this sideflip gap it was actually a little wet, so they work well in winter conditions as well. The sole is one flat piece and very flexible, which makes movement on rails and balancing really effortless.



Cushion – The only thing I would like to improve about these shoes is a little more cushion on the toes, but I also feel like the less cushion the more touch and feel you have for tricky landings and surfaces.

Having shoes with less cushion as a beginner really helps building a healthy landing technique as well ; )

I wouldn’t recommend them for high-impacts, though.

Parkour Shoe Puma Future



Weight – One of my favorite parts is how light and flexible they are, especially when it comes to acrobatics it feels almost like you are barefoot.

Durability – The one pair I got lasted me through Malaysia, Bosnia, Santorini and a few other stops, before I got holes on top of my toes.

For my new pair I just stick some duct-tape on the weak areas from the inside, which really slows that breaking process down.

Other than that the shoe was in good condition and the sole was almost untouched. Not the best durability for the price, but to me it’s worth it.


Style – I really love the look, it doesn’t look like a running shoe or anything too sporty. The mint green and All-black are definitely my favorite ones. I have no problem wearing them with normal clothes anytime.

Summary – If you don’t do height drops every day and feel like you can pay a little extra for the style you like, this is a good shoe for you. I love it and it really suits my style of movement. I’m rocking the shoes in this video by the way: CLICK

That’s it, I just stocked up on 3 more pairs for myself, I believe you can get them quite cheap online, just google around and I’m sure you’ll find some good deals.

If you like this shoe you’d might want to look at the Puma FAAS, which are very similar in all aspects, except the look is a little different and they are cheaper.

Hope this helped you guys, will let you know if something new comes along ;)

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