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The Favourite Music Choice of Athlete Kie Willis

You know him for his massive jumps. You know him for the finest tech.
You know him for the most delicate strides.
And you know him for his drops. Heavy drops.

You may were around when, what feels like half a decade ago, a well known joke in the Freerunning Universe was:

  • standing at the edge of the highest structure around, pretending to take the height drop. Yelling over to your mates, “I’m gonna do the Kie Willis, I’m gonna do the Kie Willis.”

It was a bad joke. It didn’t last long. There were just too few people who could actually perform the Kie Willis.
Too many lost the sensitivity in their heels, having too much trust in the cushioning of their AirMax.
Now ‘the Kie Willis’ is turning into a myth. Into an infamous allegory.

Someone said he traded his ability to take his socks off, for indestructible ankle and knee joints. (Scott, was that you?)
Not sure who offers those pacts anymore in these not so ancient times. Elon Musk?

BUT Kie is Also Known for his Delicate Taste in Parkour Music.
Browse through His Channel and You Will Notice.

Team Farang caught up with Kie to see what he listens to when he is sizing up his next big jump:


And in case you’re not filled up with your daily tech-dose yet, do have a look at Kie’s recent Training Blog.

What Freerunner’s Parkour Music choice would you like to know? Let us know in the comments!