Parkour Crowd Funding

The parkour community has always been a super friendly and close knit community. No matter what city you travel to, if there’s a parkour scene they will show you around, feed you and probably offer you their first born… Freerunners are always super welcoming and willing to share.

This community spirit is exactly what successful crowd funding projects like that of Ollo’s represents so well. Their plee for $30,000 to begin wholesale production of their new shoe, seemed like a large number but was hit days before the funding expired. Ollo’s first shoe, the Sapien, was also crowd funded, everywhere I traveled I saw Ollo Sapiens and now it’s time for take two!

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 10.15.48

‘Crowd Sourced projects are a great way for a large amount of people to come together and solve a problem’

Ollo consists of a small group of three talented shoe designers from California who have worked with huge companies including DC shoes before leaving it all to go solo and enter the parkour shoe game. The team have dedicated their spare time into creating the perfect freerunning shoe!

The first Ollo was funded using crowd sourcing which paid off incredibly well for the community. Ollo have since sponsored athletes, events and provided paying customers with a strong and versatile shoe. Second time around and they have smashed their $30,000 goal with a few days to spare. Kick-starters like this show us just how strong and influential the parkour community can be when we come together.

Below the map is a link to Ollo’s Kickstarter campaign as well as another parkour crowd funding project that GUP have started. GUP are asking for small donations to help them travel Europe and make an incredible video for the community. Check out the map below to see if the boys will be heading through your town!


Support OLLO here: OLLO – Zero

Support GUP here: GUP – Into The Adventure

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