I want to travel. I want to experience adventures. This year I’m going to do it. This year I might change something.

That’s what the greatest part of western civilisation probably sounds like at New Year’s Eve right before the evening’s last failed attempt of clinking glasses. The fine motor skills have gone missing hours ago under the influence of spiritous beverages, whose purpose amongst others serves to sound more credible in one’s own doubtful mind.

An Adventurous Bunch
Sometimes I’m wondering why Freerunners are such an adventurous bunch.
Why the percentage of those who are not planning to work in a regular nine to five job for most part of their lives seems to be lower than average in the Parkour community.
I dare to say we prefer the Adventure-Time style of traveling. Packing our talking pets into the turleneck-pocket and raising our timeworn wooden sword against the yet unfought battles.

We don’t want to book into those cheap package holiday tours, we rather want to go off grid. Experiencing how folks live across the globe, or just a few hundred kilometres south. We want to know how things work differently there and we are ready to have our breaths taken away by the cultural differences in living, architecture and food.

No wonder this is what one of Nike’s most sold shirts says – we all would love to be able to ‘just do it’

But so do millions of others. What then is different for the few who actually take their New Years resolution seriously and just commit to traveling, getting dirty and possibly worn out by many stressful yet equally beautiful situations?
What is different about those who just do it?

This will not be a motivational blog entry. I won’t explain how the average man needs to follow this certain 10-Step guide to live up to the dreams and values of others. I simply want to point out, why the quote of Freerunners who are actively traveling the globe is almost too damn high. 

To illustrate the kind of generosity that seemed to be more common in the earlier generations of practitioners, but that still is key in making the Parkour community such a special one, I want tell you a short story about the passionate Freerunner Poki.
He has started training Parkour in 2008 and grew up in Tangier City Morocco.  Poki HillThe picture above is taken in a small village near Tangier City, it took Poki two hours to climb and hike up there. No physical reward on the top, no boss who nods apathetically as least gesture of affirmation. Yet these moments, overlooking the vastness of the mountain range or the breathing luminescence of the urban life below our feet are, what we and Poki feel, life is worth living for.

“I just finished my university studies this year and I work sometimes as a nurse. Currently I am working hard to be in Ollerup by fighting borders and money expenses with the help of God and all the great people in my life, and hopefully I will make it and experience life outside my country and see new people, make new friends.”

POKI Poki and his family have offered refuge and shown the greatest amount of hospitality towards countless Freerunners – and have been much needed friends in a foreign country for those of us who were at risk of getting lost in the myriad differences between cultures and state officials.

He says: “we only receive by giving” and that “sharing the love of movement is something that makes me happy; my goal is to be a parkour coach – it’s my dream job.”

Do you know I can tell that this truth? His actions proceed his words. He is so eager to share his passion, to be a coach, that he is willing to leave everything in order to accomplish this great mission of his. He has sent a submission to Ollerup, which most of you know is an Academy of Physical education in Denmark, and was accepted.

“Unfortunately, It has cost him so much for the visa process that it’s making it difficult for him to raise the funds for the actual experience. He had to spend £200 on flights because he had planned to sail from tangier to Malaga and fly direct to CPH from Malaga because it was cheaper but authorities would not accept his visa to allow him on Spanish land.” – says Annie Chalmers, who greatly helps in making Poki’s dream become reality

What really moves me is to see that the Parkour Community cares. As so often in our scene. 

 Where usually our acts of service and kindness as humans rarely exceed the line of our visual field, the Parkour community goes one step further. We reach out to others, using the potential of our connectivity to work hand in hand, becoming more effective in helping each other out.

Just one of the many generous supporters: JUMP Freerun

Just one of the many generous supporters: JUMP Freerun

Poki’s general costs have been covered, but if you have a few pounds to spare at the end of this, or the beginning of next year, you can still help him participating in the school excursions here.
Every bit of help is welcome!


Also I want to remind everyone about the unfortunate incident that Shaun Wood had to go through earlier this year, that was followed by a heart-warming act of initiaHelp Shaun Wood get hometive: the community, friends and his family managed to raise 24,445 $ to help Shaun get home to Australia for further surgery after he had suffered from serious injuries due to a motorbike accident in Thailand.

Do you see the potential? Do you realise what has been laid out in front of you, thanks to those who kept their homes open, who practiced humility and spared neither trouble nor expense to become the best of themselves? If all of us keep working together, our families extend into the thousands. No matter where we will go, we will be received with great hospitality because we trust Parkour and those who are leading the community to teach the individual practitioner a mindset of humbleness and humility.

Make use of this potential! Show hospitality, so that you will be equally welcomed anywhere else in the world. Travel, see and experience the world with your own senses.
But don’t forget what the real treasure is.

I want to leave you with a quote of one of the great poets of the romanticism and probably of the last 500 years, who was born in my hometown Frankfurt, Germany:

The world is so empty if one thinks only of mountains, rivers and cities; but to know someone who thinks and feels with us, and who, though distant, is close to us in spirit, this makes the earth for us an inhabited garden – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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