Netherland's Biggest Jam: 4 The Love of Movement 2016 4 The Love of Movement Summer 2016 Event, hosted by JUMP Freerun is starting in a couple of hours and will last until the 3rd of July.

Bridging the last couple of hours, Jordan Shaw from York, UK brings you the experience from last year’s 4TLOM wintercamp! 

Whilst these events do come with a cost, the benefits of traveling to a huge community event far outweigh the ticket price. Looking back at last years Winter Camp, what can you expect?

“The most important change is that there will now be 2 giant setups, both indoor and outdoor, perfect for those hot summer days.”

THE Summer 2016 Setup. Yup. That's it.

THE Summer 2016 Setup

The event continues to be one of the biggest, non-profit parkour events to date
and was created by JUMP Freerun. Last years experience spread over 3 days and included; 2 sleepovers, breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day, as well as a t-shirt and bracelet.

The event will once again be held in Den Haag, however the team have moved locations from the Sportpark laan van poot to Jaap Edenweg 10. This means an even bigger and better sports centre that is able to accommodate for more athletes.

The most important change is that there will now be 2 giant setups, both indoor and outdoor, this is perfect for those hot summer days. Now here is the big news… JUMP Freerun are offering an ‘All you can eat’ concept for each meal time. Let the feast begin.

The event follows a set schedule which keeps things nice and organised. Last year, you could spend as much time training during the day as you wanted and lights out made sure everyone had a respectable amount of sleep.

JUMP Freerun are known for flying a large number of athletes to the event, so that you have the chance to meet and train with some of the most talented men and women in the parkour world. You go girls!

4 The Love of Movement 2016

Perhaps the biggest challenge in the winter camp was adjusting to the number of people that were using the obstacles. When there are over three hundred people you have to take your time.

In 2016 this is not likely to be a problem thanks to the increased setup size and outdoor space. However, even waiting in line has it’s advantages, like talking to people from parts of the world that you may wish to explore one day.

4 The Love of Movement 2016

During the winter camp there were presentations from well-known members
of the community, such as Giles Longley and Masanobu Suzuki. Each gave a valuable insight into their line of work. Giles, a talented editor and film maker, gave handy tips and advice for getting the best results in your videos; song choice, colour correction, camera talk and much more. 4 The Love of Movement

Masa offered ways to deal with negativity in training, as well as, overcoming injuries that can take months to heal. He encouraged everyone to look for positive changes, no matter how small, as these are the moments that are so important on our journey to becoming a peaceful warrior.

There was also a short talk which was lead by a member of the Inspire Tour. They told us about an opportunity to travel with the team to South America, where you would have the chance to explore several countries, work with local communities and spread the joy of parkour along the way. A real adventure!

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They also volunteer to help rural communities and so it is a good chance to learn some real life skills. Summer 2016 is likely to have more presentations from respected members of our community and also gives you the chance to ask them any questions.

4 the love of movement 2016 on urbanfreeflow.comOn the final day of the winter camp everyone was invited to take part in a series of challenges. These would be your alternative to a competition. There were 6 challenges altogether, each set by one of the athletes and so had varying movement and skill levels.

If you were able to complete 3 or more of the challenges you were entered into a raffle to win lots of parkour merchandise and even the chance to win a ticket to next years event.

It was an interesting way to approach training and I’m sure highlighted for many people weaknesses that they could go away and improve upon. The day was filled with fun, medals and free stuff. With an even bigger setup this year, you can expect the 4 The Love of Movement Summer 2016 to be a real knock out!

I was lucky enough to win a free ticket from a JUMP Freerun Facebook competition, so I’m looking forward to be at the 4TLOM Summer Edition!
This community just keeps on giving and there has never been a better time to get involved. To stay updated about the event be sure to follow Urban Freeflow on Facebook and Instagram. See you at the event!
If you want to know anything else about the event, drop your comment and we will get back to you!