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I spoke with team Ashigaru’s Endijs Miscenko.  Endijs, inspired by the videos of Yamakasi and Blane, developed a controlled, fluid, powerful style that has distinguished himself as an athlete. 

How old are you Endijs? What is your home city? Where and how did Parkour begin for you? Please feel free to share any more personal details about yourself including hobbies, athletic experience, and other non-parkour stuff?

I turned 20 last saturday. My home city is Ogre, Latvia.

“That’s where me and friends saw the movie Yamakasi and tried to redo the stuff we saw in the movie. It was just climbing on roofs, jumping off of roofs and causing trouble.”

I was 11 back then. After a year I moved to Münster,Germany and didn’t do anything movement related for almost 2 years.

“Then I remembered that there was this thing… Parkour, that I already have kind of tried, and found a community in my city via the internet.”

Endijs Miscenko on urbanfreeflow.com

Ever since the first training here in Münster I’ve been packed for Parkour and have been the last 6 years.

I also used to play basketball and do track and field as a kid.

Do you do any sort of extra physical activity to compliment your training?

Besides jumping everyday I’ve been lifting weights for 2 years now and I stretch a few times a week.

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How would you describe your training style and focus? You are very fluid and have a technical side, there are certainly things that distinguishes you from others.

I like to explore a lot and do new challenges every training.

“Most of the time I go somewhere where I haven’t been before and try to have most fun at that spot, It’s usually just something really challenging or something that’s scary for me or out of my comfort zone.”


What was the first video you watched and how did it influence your current style? And what other videos made you change style wise?

Haute Categorie and Blane’s videos I’ve watched quite a lot. I definitely liked Blanes ‘Power is nothing without control’ training approach. The Cambridge and London videos were the ones I started watching after that. Those videos have shaped my style, especially the control and precision aspect of it.



Who are your favorite training partners? How have they shaped your progression?

I’ll just drop a few names: Philipp Holzmüller, Andi Wöhle, Matthias Mayer, Jakob Vöcklemore and Jannis Schauer.

“I always end up having mad training sessions full of laughs and crazy challenges.”

I also feel that I progress a lot more whenever I train together with one of them.

How is it being part of Ashigaru ? How has it benefited you? How have you changed?

Now that I am part of Ashigaru I can see myself making money off of Parkour in a way that I enjoy. I also see Ashigaru growing even more and a have a bigger impact on the scene. I’m very happy to be part of that family and help them grow the sport.

“And the coolest part is that I get to see my friends more often.”

What are your current projects, training focuses, or anything really your current working on? What can we expect in the future?

I recently finished high school and just want to travel and train before I join university. I don’t really have any training focuses I just go outside and have fun.

Any advice or message you really want to share with the community? Maybe for the younger practitioners or even for older practitioners?

My advice for the community is to have fun while training,

“don’t overlook the little things, do something that scares you every day and don’t take anything too seriously. A drop a day keeps the doctor away ;) #impactisgoodforyou”

Haha Thanks for the answers Endijs!

Endijs on urbanfreeflow.com

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