I spoke with ApexNorcal Athlete Darryl Stingley. We learn that Darryl applies his clearly successful, thoughtful, and emotional approach not only to his creative movement but also in growing Squadron- his company with the mission to blend aesthetics with athletics.

Darryl,  How are you doing ?!

Darryl Stingley on Urbanfreeflow.com

I’m doing very well!

Where are you from?

I’m from Brentwood, California (Northern California)

How many years have you been a Freerunner/Parkour athlete?

I’ve been doing Parkour for 11 years now. It’ll be 12 on January 9th of 2017.

How did you get into Parkour?

I saw Jump London on TV and immediately went outside and started imitating Seb, Jerome and Johann

What non-Parkour/Freerunning related stuff do you do, other hobbies, passions?

I skate a little bit (Like the least bit possible. Haha I honestly just skate to get places)

I weight lift. I draw a little bit.

“I listen to, analyze and research hip hop and hip hop history. I read MAAAAADDD Comics! I’m a huge nerd! Comics, Movies, Comic Television/Netflix series… ALL OF IT!”

I first saw footage of you compete at NAPC about couple years ago I believe.  You were sick! And head to head against some big competitors that year as well!  But what lately(in the past year) has really made you shine was the video for your dope team Squadron! Kid Wave killed it!

It showed me your style. Tell me about YOUR style ?

I’m not quite sure of what my style is, actually… I know that I don’t like doing singular tricks very much.

If I can’t find a way to put it in a line then I don’t care to do it (Although I still end up learning some moves just to see if I can do them).

“I guess my style has come from the different experiences and experiments with movement I’ve made over the past few years training. I’m a light weight purist.”

I’m a big fan of the OG movements and I never want to let them leave my style or the sport of Parkour over all.


How do you create your lines?

My inspiration for a lot of my lines comes from a lot of places… sometimes it comes from my emotion and whatever I’m going through at the time.

For instance, if I’m feeling angry and aggressive, I want to do large and powerful movements in my runs. Happy feelings usually result in more solid, well flowing transitions.

“I draw a lot of my inspiration from the comic book heroes I’ve always loved like Spider-Man, Batman, Daredevil, Black Panther, Dick Grayson’s Robin etc… I typically think .How would Spidey or Robin do this?’ or ‘What would Bats or BP do?’. “

I know it’s a bit nerdy but this is my regular thought process.


What’s your mindset?!

My mindset varies. Sometimes I’m very confident, but most of the time I’m pretty in my head about things. I have a very, VERY small target for satisfaction.

“If I don’t hit what I’m trying to hit exactly how I saw it in my head I’m usually not satisfied. However, I do know that some of the time it’s my absolute best and I accept that and train to get better.”

I think you have really long creative Freerunning lines that show your super well rounded and have some good endurance!  But not only that… a very strong flair for the technical. Song choice is chill too. What do you think are the benefits of approaching lines like this?

I believe going about making lines this way makes for a good story. The thing about a lot of athletes out there is they’re often thinking more about the difficulty of the individual movements they throw in their lines and less about the difficulty of connecting them.In no way am I slamming them for moving this way either. I think they’re doing some crazy hard stuff and pushing that level very well.

“But to me, it’s like that one kid everyone dreads the teacher is going to choose to read aloud in class… the pauses in between words is much less pleasing than hearing someone read something smoothly while conveying emotion and character through their voice.”

I like to create something smooth flowing and difficult. I’m not just trying to go out and throw hard moves;

“I’m trying to paint a picture of smooth transitions between difficult movements in order to make something satisfying to do and to watch.”

The benefit lies in the reasoning of the practice. It looks good, feels good and is just as hard as anything else out there.

What do you say to those that really want to emulate your style or even partly emulate it in some way?

I say keep it up and DON’T SETTLE! I’m super happy to know that I’m inspiring anyone out at all. haha



What is the side to your training that nobody else see’s? Anything you do that really attributes to your current success at distinguishing yourself and repping your style?

People don’t really see all the emotion that goes into each thing I do.

“I’m constantly at odds with myself. I often do multiple different variations of runs and to decipher between the best of each kills me sometimes. I don’t think people see the amount of time that goes into my training.”

I train 6 or so hours a day, that includes weight training/programming/rehab. I edit 2 or 3 hours. I write out and sometimes even draw up my runs to remember them.



Tell us about your skwad. Your team. Squadron?

Squadron is actually a company, I technically Rep Apex as my team. Everyone makes that mistake because we do look like a team. I guess we do rep our brand as the athletic team for it so it’s not completely incorrect to call us a team.

” Anyway, the whole point of Squadron was to meld aesthetics with athletics. We all try to be very well rounded. We’re just trying to show the world what we love to do through our video projects and our clothing.”

We want to try and make something that includes the whole extreme sports community eventually. That’s why we’re not called Squadron Parkour or anything like that. Just Squadron Athletics!


Who are your current sponsors? And why do you represent them? How dopes are they?! Anything they have to offer that you believe in!? Share with us!

My current affiliations include Apex (My home is Apex NorCal), Strike Movement, Squadron, Lost Fam.

“The thing I like about all of them is the amount of quality that goes into everything they all do.”

The highly studied Apex is highly admirable. I love how much time and effort they put into practice and I love the fact that they don’t pull any punches. They house the highest level of athletes with people like Dylan and Brandon on their team.

Strike’s support of me and their high standard of quality is what draws me to them. They are constantly looking to get better and make better products. They want criticism! they believe it’s the only way to get better!

Darryl Stingley on Urbanfreeflow.com

I’ve already explained what our aim is at Squadron so you know that much.

Lost Family is the newest edition of affiliations for me. For them, it’s the adventure like, live life flowing in the wind type vibe I love about them. That along with the unbelievable quality of media they put out is more than enough to keep me interested in them. They all just put out a bunch of proper vibes and advocate great quality over everything! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that collective?


What are your plans for Squadron taking over haha?! What are your current plans for your team and yourself?

Squadron will dominate the world!!!! Haha

My plans with Squadron are simple… Build more relationships, create more products and content, and get better all around. My goals for myself… Collaborate more with other artists of movement and music. Kendrick Lamar, G-Eazy, Logic HIT ME UP! Haha

“I want to work with more sports communities and figure out how we can get the whole world into moving in some way!”

Personally though, I want to get my movement to the highest level I possibly can while I can! I want to win some of these competitions repping my style. I want to show myself that I can do that! I just want to get better man, nothing less.

Oh and I definitely want to help build a stronger California community. We’re all so focused on ourselves all the time, Myself included a lot of the time. I want to unite everyone and build something as strong as the European or the Colorado communities. That would be super dope!

Darryl Stingley at Urbanfreeflow.com


Thanks for the Interview Darryl!

 Thank you guys for asking me !


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