Last month, Urban Author Samet Caliskan had the opportunity to check out the staple American Jam: Tranquil Movements TIT JAM! This year had some very special and unique attributes which had made this years event one of the best ones yet! Here is a brief overview he made of the main event and the competitions !

TIT Jam and Jump Fest?

T.I.T Jam/Jump Fest 2016 was the kick ass product of a godly fusion dance between Justin Sheaffer and Max Henry. The brain child of Sheaffer, the sixth annual T.I.T. Jam, known traditionally as a parkour camping trip where practitioners from all over North America come together for 10 days to camp, train, and cleanse themselves. This year it was combined with the first ever Jump Fest, Max Henry’s blueprint for an amazing event that combines traditional style of jams with TED style lectures from world-class athletes and coaches.

The main goal of T.I.T. is to raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation to provide free early detection examination for women. This year’s goal was to raise $10,000 through a fundraiser called back flips for bucks. The idea is that for each dollar that is donated one backflip will be performed by the athlete(s) present. Practioners were able to raise $7,000 dollars this year, a new record for T.I.T. Jam, which will pay for 70 women to receive early detection exams.

Jump Fest brought well-known athletes give lectures about their area of expertise to provide valuable knowledge to everyone who attended the event. This year they had five athletes give presentations. The first speaker was Max Henry on Jumping/Landing Technique, second was Christopher Hollingsworth on Flipping and Twisting, third was Dylan Baker on Fear and Overcoming it, fourth was Cordelia Storm on Body Mechanics and Recovery, and lastly was Vinnie Coryell on Proprioception, Motivation, and believing in yourself.

The Competition’s

3 competitions were held this year; a speed, style, and tech competition. Each competition had unique points of judgment for advancement.

For speed, everyone that competed in the initial round was advanced to the final round. However, you were placed in three different categories depending on the time you got. Bronze was for anyone that got higher than a minute, Silver was for anything between 40 seconds to a minute, and Gold was anyone below 40 seconds. The athletes that podiumed for the speed competition were: 3rd place Calen Chan, 2nd place Olof Wood, and 1st place with Kenny Sullivan.

Style was based on a number of points out of 100. There were three judges that gave out points that were then added together to give the competitor their score. For style the athletes that podiumed were 3rd place Sean Higgins, 2nd place Calen Chan, and 1st place Bob Reese. Bob Reese managed to get an 84, the highest amount of points anyone has ever gotten at a T.I.T. Jam competition!

The tech competition had competitors complete a designed course where they had to do specific challenges in order to move on. To pass the qualifiers, competitors had to complete the tech course and then the winner of the finals was based on who do it the fastest. Lastly, for tech we had for podium: 3rd place Bob Reese, 2nd place Kenny Sullivan, and 1st place Olof Wood.

If you want to know anything else about the event please let us know, drop your comment and we will get back to you!