The Urban Freeflow that is discussed in this documentary is the UF formally owned by EZ. The website you are on now is the all new Urban Freeflow, a place built for the community to come together and share, a trusted sanctuary for Freerunners. Last year I traveled the UK and visited some of Europe with the rest of the Norml Brand production team to ask the most affluent Freerunners in the scene a few questions about Freerunning Fashion. Some of you may have already seen this video but I feel this is a great place to share and discuss how you guys want to see the future of Freerunning Fashion develop.

“Don’t be afraid to make your dreams a reality.”

Since the launch of our video and the hashtag #freerunningfashion we have seen many more brands emerge, be that a small range of T-shirts from an aspiring Freerunner come designer to a fully fledged clothing brand like that of Air Wipp, Sweden or MYRM from Colorado. Making money from freerunning is something Jason Paul once covered in a great three part article that you can read here, It’s important for Freerunners to find a way to get the general public to inject money into the sport in order for it to grow. As it stands it’s damn near impossible to make a living doing just Freerunning! Even if you do, it’s unlikely you’ll be ‘well off’. Clearly the lack of affluent cash flow isn’t something that should deter a passionate Freerunner but at the end of the day we all need money. Sadly, C.R.E.A.M. Clothing is a great way a Parkour team can give some of their brand whilst building a community, advertise themselves and also share something they think looks great. Art is a powerful thing but community is stronger still, bring these two aspects of retail together and you have the perfect platform to sell your brand, build your community and help to build the overall presence of Parkour. Don’t be afraid to make your dreams a reality. What do you think? What is your team’s take on clothing? What is your current favourite brand?