Last week we showed you the 6 most epic Parkour and Freerunning videos 2015 in the first half of our selection “the Best Freerunning Videos 2015”. In this second part we slightly shifted our focus, to give you more of a summary of what is to come…

Best Freerunning Videos 2015

Kevin Fluri being the first one on tape to jump the infamous manpower gap in Lisses in mid 2013

A lot has happened in the last 20 years of Freerunning history. Not only has the distance of jumps improved or the average number of twists and flips increased, but the casualness with which crazy huge and difficult jumps are broken is crazy.

Luckily, there is still a space in our community for people like me, who may be of the lesser daring kind, but who curiously follow the progressional process of our culture.
To be the explorers, the practitioners, the coaches and the students, the adventurers and truth seekers we want to be, we can all walk our individual paths, but once we follow our purpose as a community, we can move mountains. 
I’m sure today more people are training Parkour than in 2000, 2010, or 2015, and I’m convinced that Parkour is only getting bigger.

This post is to celebrate the way Parkour has come, the variety in which Parkour exists today and to give an outlook just about what we might be part of in the next few years.

ETRE-FORT – Boki and Daniel Ilabaca on Tour
I know, I know, technically June is still the first part of the year, but let’s stop being so nit-picky and start appreciating the magic transformative power of awesomeness that comes with practicing Parkour.
This video shows it clearly – it’s not about big moves to enjoy a day out with friends playing together.

In case you want to win a couple of friends over to train with you, just show them this video and they’ll understand why moving together is just awesome.


Red Bull Art of Motion 2015 Online Qualifier – Mohammed “Didi” Alaoui
The Art of Motion grew from being a showcase event where the pro’s could jam together, to being a serious platform to put newcomers in the spotlight.
In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, just be thankful that you can watch Didi showing you what Freerunning in 5 years from now will look like.


Team Tryforce
I love how Parkour is developing and am delighted by seeing teams like these form in the midst of our scene. So many guys are telling me that they ‘surely would be too weak to be practicing Parkour’. Of course nothing comes from nothing, but these girls show you that you don’t need to be a guy to be having fun running through the city,  jumping from stone to stone.

BNE – Lion City Gathering
Singapore, the little Red Dot, Southeast Asia
Who would have imagined a couple of years ago that one of the biggest, most international jams would be held here annually? Have a look what went down last year – and what you can expect from this year’s gathering in February.


Hamy Pratama – The Story – Parkour Indonesia
Did I say Southeast Asia?
I’ve already proven you wrong, if you thought there is nothing happening here freerunningwise.
But to see really how much you’ve missed, please be put in awe by this video.
An absolute must-watch for every Freerunner.

Will Sutton – Thats the One
Yup, still October. I simply couldn’t bear leaving this one out of the highlights from 2015.
P-LEASE watch this video. I’m literally lacking of words to describe you the urgency with which I would like you, yes you personally to watch this piece of art. It’s not only about the moves… it’s… it’s everything.
The pictures, the cinematography, the atmosphere, the Sutton, the beauty of the Sutton’s moves, the creativity within the beauty of the Sutton’s moves, ….
Do you want me to go on?

MYRM – is this parkour?
MYRM is a lifestyle brand that brings perspective and inspiration to the world through adventure, movement, & design – I couldn’t have said it better. This video is only the first part of the “is this parkour?” video series, and it’s brimming over with perfect landings, creative challenges and beastly Parkour. Watching this video, I wish every single training felt as good as watching this video.

Oh, in case you missed out that the handsome Dr. Dylan Baker is not only a clean dude, but he’s got some of the smarts too, do read the articles he has published here on Urban Freeflow.
I don’t know if he is an actual doctor, but the alliteration seemed to make sense.

Hit the Road – A journey to Chernobyl
Hit the Road is probably one of the most epic Parkour teams up to date! Just have a quick look at their Facebook Page to see what I’m talking about. And in case you don’t have anything else to do right now, watching their 10 minute epic short will be no waste of time.
Jeez just look at the thumbnail they chose for this video. Go, go. Check them out!


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