We decided to make an epic list of the best Freerunning videos 2015 for you to savour.

2015 was awesome indeed. At least looking at the year from a couch-potato point of view – often watching videos when we know we should be doing what we’re viewing, outside, ourselves instead – we have a lot to remember. We picked our favourite video for each month of the past year. But let’s get straight to the point.


Ampisound – Dying Light Parkour POV
The first time ever that I truly realised, I mean, almost first hand experienced,  how much it would suck if zombies could do Parkour.

Unless, of course, you’re Toby Segar.


Team Jestion – Reach The Horizon
Goosebumps. The year started out wild.
No matter what you’re doing or where you’re doing it, start watching this first 2 minute episode now.
I’m serious. Just do it.  You won’t regret it.
And once you’re finished, don’t be sad, there are 6 more episodes for you to watch.


Team Farang – Sheva – Venice to Vegas 
Girl Parkour at its finest.
Oh, actually… lets drop that “Girl Parkour” differentiation.
Not necessary.
Or if we keep it, lets make sure that it at least stands for

Girl Parkour
noun \ˈgər(-ə)l ˈpär-ˌku̇r\
the art of extreme ballsyness combined with severe flexibility whilst fully remaining ones female integrity – not recommended for men


Red Bull – William Spencer: Spider-Man’s Skating Stunt Double
Okay, I’m a bit sorry that you feel a li’l cheated right now. Technically this isn’t a real Parkour video from a real Parkour dude. And I understand your displeasure where we have such amazing videographers and movement talents in our community that deserve a spotlight.
But in case you don’t know who William Spencer is, I promise, you won’t be sorry watching this video. And if you do know him from one of the collabs with Danny Ilabaca, you’ll be merciful with me  – because then you know, that he probably did Parkour before you did, only with a skateboard. Or a tire. Or basically anything that he could think of.

Parkour is a matter of much more than just a set of defined movements. In that sense: enjoy. Explore.


Daniel Ilabaca – Parkour Soul
This one sticks out a little in terms of production quality, because it’s mainly a compilation of existing material, but despite the quality of some of the clips, this video has been amongst the 12 most inspirational ones for me this year – feel the movements speak for itself.


Storror – Supertramps Thailand
Now this one is a no-brainer.
A feature length, award-winning Parkour documentary right from the heart of the scene.
Okay, about award winning I’m actually not sure – but it at least deserves a Golden Globe if these are still around.
Seriously, I was deeply moved by the mash of awesomeness between community spirit, friendship, genuine dedication, adventurousness, passion, lawlessness, and the ridiculously high production quality of this documentary. If you didn’t buy it yet, just yield it in as a part of your New Years-resolution-plan towards going traveling:

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