We all know that Parkour and Star Wars go hand in hand.
Since Darth Vader fought Luke in The Empire Strikes back, there is no doubt that flips are efficient.
Thus, flips are Parkour.
At least in the Star Wars universe this luckily never had to debated.

The BB-8 Toy Robot is awesome – and this video proves it.

The number of Freerunners overcoming digital bits and byte-blocks in their free time is increasing since the early Tomb Raider games, after Mirror’s Edge’s debut on PC in 2007 and had may reached its peak for a while with the endless releases of the Assassins Creed series.

Stressing, that we should end every week with aching muscles and sore joints due to a hardcore week of striding, vaulting, summeraulting and One Punch Man Workouts, there yet is a relief for your rest-day:
lets get back to the roots of Parkour with the probably cutest… ahem… I mean manliest toy robot so far. Balancing, traininig spacial awareness and attaining an even temper is important, because

“power is nothing without control.”
Yoda Handstand

At leasts for us that’s enough of a reason to post about BB-8 here on Urban Freeflow.
Honestly, we just loved this robot – and hope we could brighten your heart, letting you know that this is the droid you’re looking for.


BB-8 Toy robot

as found on nextgeekers.com

And if this wasn’t enough, there will be a wristband that lets you actually control BB-8 with your hand – as if you were using the force. Whuuaa….?!

If you want some more information about what BB-8 can and can’t do, you can find a full review by Gizmodo here:


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Do you have any experience with BB-8, or did you figure a way how this toy can seriously help you to become a better Traceur? Let us know in the comments!