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Egyptian heritage, but born and raised in Germany Ihab Yassin is 19 years old as we speak. We’ve known him for a while know and seeing him grow in the last 3 years we got excited and sent Jason out to take his photo and ask about his story.


How did you start with Freerunning?

Damien Walters video was my first contact. A friend showed it to me back in 7th grade. I thought it looked interesting, but health issues stopped me from starting then.

3 years later I had it in my mind again, looked up a jam online and just went there to try it. Even if it might not be the best thing for my health I still wanted to find out if I like it. And as you can tell: I loved it!


Why out of all sports did you choose Freerunning for yourself?

It’s my thing because you can choose your own way, there’s no better or worse than anybody else. I didn’t like all the competition in football for example, I never wanted to be better than anybody.

And even if you challenge yourself with friends in Freerunning it’s on a playful note. I wanted to be a football-player and all that, but when I found Freerunning it just wasn’t interesting anymore.


Where do you get your inspiration from before you go out and train? Do you watch any videos?

No, not at all. I just go out and see what happens, sometimes that means repeating old tricks for improvement other days I really like finding something new and work on it until it’s easy.

I still watch videos sometimes and they might motivate me to go out the next day, but usually I just need to go outside and let it happen.


What’s your advice for people that haven’t started Freerunning, really want to, but don’t know how?

Don’t start in the gym! It will give you the feeling of learning faster, but most of the time you’ll be to scared to do the same tricks outside.

Starting outside really helped me learn how to fight my fears and it got me further in the long run. I also feel like you lose the creative aspect of Freerunning, instead of exploring a spot and finding different jumps you can just build whatever you want, your head gets lazy after a while. Now after a few years I go to the gym in winter, but most of my training is outside.

Awesome, thanks for your time!

Of course, thank you!