Athlete Sponsorship Abudi AlsagoffJason set together with all-star Freerunner Abudi Alsagoff from Malaysia, who signed an Athlete Sponsorship with RedBull.
Training Parkour and Freerunning for more than 9 years, he managed to become a full-time Freerunner. You may have seen him on Alpha Movements Channel climbing some scary high stuff.
Here is some of his advice:

Hey Abudi! For anybody who hasn’t heard of you yet, can you give us a quick intro to who you are and where you come from?

I’m Abudi Alsagoff, 24 years old and I am from Selangor, Malaysia!

When and how did you get into Freerunning? What challenges did you have starting out?

I have always been climbing and jumping off things when playing with my friends back then. And in circa 2006-2007, my neighbour introduced parkour to me. When I saw a video of parkour on youtube, I was determined to try it immediately! Started training with a few friends at a nearby park frequently back then. It was really hard for us to progress quickly as we didn’t have any proper guidance. We tried everything on our own and helping each other out. Most of the tutorials I followed was from the internet, [Jujimufu’s] or YouTube.Athlete Sponsorship Abudi Alsagoff

Congratulations on being sponsored by RedBull! That’s huge! How did you first start talking with them?

Thank you! It started in 2012 I think, when RedBull officially landed in Malaysia. That’s when we started talking about the parkour scene in Malaysia with RedBull. Then early 2015 I moved out to Dubai and RedBull Malaysia put me in touch with RedBull Dubai team. Then it happened!

“How do you get sponsored?” is a question a lot of people ask in today’s Freerunning world. If you could recommend three things to do to get a sponsor, what would they be?

  1. Know the right people from the potential sponsors. Get connected. 
  2. Understand what the sponsor wants or expects from you to get sponsored. 
  3. If you never ask, the answer will always be no.

Also the Farang blog articles help A LOT on how you can do Freerunning full time. Thank you Jason :D

Athlete Sponsorship Abudi Alsagoff

Abudi riding the dunes in Dubai… well… almost. ©

You just started spending a lot of time in Dubai, how is Freerunning out there?

I think the scene here is small but it is starting to grow. The main reason I spend time out here is to grow the freerunning awareness in the country. Still exploring sick spots for training!

I see you wear a lot of long T-Shirts and you even sell your own with your team Alpha Movements. What’s the story behind those Shirts?

It started with me wearing the traditional long clothes but the material is not really comfortable for you to train in, so I went to a factory and asked if they could make the long tshirts in a different material and a few design changes! And then there happens to be people asking me about it, that’s how bulk orders of Alpha Movements long shirt with the factory started out. I now only wear long shirts whenever I go out because it is so comfortable!

Apart from that, you travel a lot! Favorite place?

I would say it is still Santorini the Parkour heaven. Then there’s Dubai as the rooftop capital of the world.

Abudi in Santorini © by

Abudi in Santorini © by

What’s next? Any projects in the works?

Currently I would like to train, train and train more. I did a documentary film for RedBull TV and it will be out in April 2016! And hope to make more videos in this year!

Thank you!

Thank you Abudi, we’re excited to see more from you this 2016!

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Athlete Sponsorship Abudi AlsagoffAthlete Sponsorship Abudi AlsagoffAthlete Sponsorship Abudi AlsagoffAthlete Sponsorship Abudi Alsagoff