You may know Joel from Art of Motion, or maybe just his YouTube channel. Joel is one of the most prolific travelers on the scene, and I know that because he’s been to England 15 times. He’s a member of team Free-Z based in Switzerland and has a genuine passion for adventure. I asked him some questions to see what he had to say about life, travel and everything in between.

Who are you, and what do you do?
I’m Joel Eggimann and I simply live my life in the way I like to!

How come you travel so often?
We’re living on a huge planet and there is sooo much to explore and even more people to meet. I kind of get bored being around the same people in the same place.

What’s the relationship between parkour and travel?
For me it’s the same. Parkour is just something I do on my travels like visiting a national park. Of course Parkour makes it a lot easier to travel and meet new people.

Why do you travel?
To get experiences and memories!

Where is your favourite destination to train?
A long time I was asking myself that question. After going to Santorini, it was sure that this is my favorite destination for training but also for just being around the island to visit and explore places.

What was your most recent trip?
My whole spring time was a big trip. Started in central America, going around the united states, drove from Switzerland to Croatia and visited some other European countries.

What was your favourite trip ever?
Hard to say. Maybe the 3 months I drove from Chicago to California and back. I lived in a van I bought, cooked my own food and visited a lot of the national parks.
But of course Chaps on Tour USA was awesome too!

What’s the next trip for Joel!?
Actually I have no trip planed yet. But I have some ideas. I would like to go eastwards like Asia or Australia. Or maybe just get the cheapest airplane to wherever… Spontaneous adventures are always the best :).

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