Attending almost six years of filmschool I graduated with the Parkour-Film-Project ‘a Whole Group of Frogs’.

In it I tried to capture the true essence of Parkour – but I learnt so much more on the way.

“I Don’t think Parkour is meant to be defined, because when you define something, you put a limitation on it. And with a limitation on it, you can’t explore it’s full capabilities”Feet SkylineScreen Shot 2015-07-29 at 01.15.13

‘But how to capture the ‘true essence of Parkour and Freerunning then?’ I asked myself. The human kind longs for explanations and definitions that give us guidelines for the worldly game of life.

It’s how we create our world, how societies work, and how we are still searching for the smallest particles on earth, even though we thought we’ve found them a dozen times already.
Every culture needs something steady to hold on to.

So I offer you my attempt: ‘a Whole Group of Frogs’

A short introduction

I noticed, during the presentations of my video, people could relate even better to the video after I explained how and why I made it.

Here I’ll explain my intentions and reasons, trying to create a common ground with you, so that we then can educate people and get discussions going in order to improve what we have!

Although some things in this article might come across as a fact, it’s still my interpretation and my subjective opinion. It’s just to get across what my point is, and how I think we could make our world a better one.

My name is Michel Kasper, 27 years old, and I just graduated film school by making this video. I’ve been doing Parkour & Freerunning for 13 years now.
For the sake of clarity, I‘ll use the term Parkour, referring to both Parkour and Freerunning.

The problem

I’ve always been troubled by the general image which people have about Parkour.

Throughout the years I noticed that people have a misperception of what Parkour actually is.

The contrast between how people see us, and who we truly are, couldn’t be bigger.

Haven’t we all tried to explain to our friends and families what it means to us?

Some people know, to a certain extent, that it is important to us. But do they really know what we stand for?

I want people to not wonder any more why that one person always trains alone in the woods, jumping from one branch to another.

  • I want people to understand what our motives are.
  • I want people to feel how we feel.
  • I want to tell the story of everyone doing parkour out there.
Working towards the goal

So, how am I going to change the thoughts of so many people? Others have tried it before me, did they succeed? Perhaps..

I looked into the reasoning behind the success and failure of certain videos and articles. They all tried to bring the real image of parkour to the people.

Those participating in parkour wish to show that real feel in the video, which is so important to us. It’s so hard to share this feel, with those unfamiliar with parkour.

There are some videos out there, which do get that feeling transferred to fellow runners, but outsiders can’t relate to those feelings yet, since the videos don’t give them the information they need to get to that feeling.

Most other videos, telling people about parkour, are made by non-traceurs, who often haven’t experienced the real deal themselves, and therefore aren’t able to transfer the reasoning and thoughts behind it.

So my goal was to show people what we are about,.. By letting them feel what we feel.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 01.34.02

“I move because it’s gonna help to be more social, in mind and in body.” – Fabian Haupt, Freerunner

During my video I’ll give the information needed to get the facts straightened out, since that’ll be the first step to take.

In the first part of my video the audience is being educated, so towards the final part of the video, they can lay back and finally grasp what truly drives us.

Work method

In order to look for the true essence of what we do, I needed to know what that true essence is.

During all the stages of my work I embraced my main concept, which was just as important as the outcome of the video.

I will let the core of Parkour be my guide during all the choices I make.

This results in trying and looking at the possibilities, which occur.

I approach these possibilities with a positive mindset, while being completely neutral, and letting my feelings guide me to making the right choice.

Working completely intuitively you’ll always make the right decisions.

We all know when it’s most likely to get injured: during a shoot, where the camera guys ask you to just do it one more time. Or when people are walking by looking weird at you while you’re standing on a wall, mentally preparing for that big jump. You are kind of “forced” to do the jump since you want to show them, that you are capable of performing awesome moves..

You’re letting other motivations in, other than your own, to perform the jump.

And that’s when you fail.

Therefore, during my shoots, I would never force anything onto anyone. I have never set anything up, by forcing or asking people to do stuff for a certain shot, because I want everything to be as natural and as real as possible. I wanted to be the so-called “fly on the wall”, so I could seize the moments when they come to me. Yes, I might have used the “best” music for a certain scene, and yes I might have made some cuts in the footage to get the best results.

But the footage is real, and I’m just enhancing the vibes and emotions of that moment.


Is the video the complete package of what Parkour is? The definite answer is no.

But it has not been my goal to show everything what there is to Parkour..
At least not for this particular video.

This may possibly give people an idea of what parkour truly is, but there is still so much more to show.

Is the video a bit too romantic? Yes, absolutely.

“Part of my goal is, to set a standard in the community; the video has been made to make people aware that we must protect and preserve what we have.”

We got something so unique, and I think we’re not fully aware of how easily this could drift to places we don’t want it to drift off to.

I’m not going to discuss all the different dangers, as what risks are or not, is also up for debate.

My point is that we should all stick to the core of what we have.

How to act?

I think people who are truly and full on into parkour, have some kind of “unspoken” connection with each other. We always try to be the good-guy, try to respect each and everyone.

It’s something we emit, which might be the source of the greatness of parkour.

We try to teach respect to others around us, we always make an afford to set a good example, and that’s why parkour is what it is today. And we’re doing a good job!

But if we’ll be more aware of what’s going on, we can be more effective!

I’m not saying we got big problems, and that I’m going to bring you all the solutions.

But what I’m trying to say is, share the love!

Talk to people, inspire them, discuss, be open and be respectful to others. Even if you’ve always disliked that one thing, try to look at it with (an open mind) a clean slate, and act with a positive mindset.

Let’s protect and preserve what we’ve got, and let’s look more into the norms and values on which this culture is based on.