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When I was in London the other day I stayed over at Tim’s place. Between drinking fruit shakes, watching Freerunning-Videos and Call of Duty sessions on his massive projector I decided to record a few questions with him.

Over the years Tim’s been involved in so many things regarding Freerunning, I don’t even want to start writing it down. For me he’s always been a great inspiration as a Freerunner and even more as a person.

Anyway, here are some random questions for you, if you want to know more about what Livewire is about :)


What would your last meal be like?

– Sweet potatoe wedges, guacamole, humus and ketchup, gotta have ketchup.

No meat?

– No :)

What brands are you into?

– I’ve gotta a lot of love for Nike, they do a lot of things I like, trainers and stuff. I was like DC when I was growing up, but not so much now. Moncler, Canada Goose,…. yeah what else? Versace is my favorite brand.


Your biggest fear?

– Fear itself, there’s no other fear. As soon as you face a fear you change from being in this 3D reality into a 2D little thing.

What’s your advice for people who have problems facing their fears?

– Write down everything you want to overcome and then figure out how to tackle each one by one. And love, fear is the opposite of love, people think hate is the opposite of love, but it’s fear. It’s like fear can’t exist where there’s love.


Best advice you ever got?

– Be the change you want to see in the world

You can invite 3 people out for dinner, dead or alive. Who do you choose?

– DaVinci, Jaque Fresco,…

Who is Jaque Fresco?

– He’s a 96-year old leader of the venus Project and an incredibly intelligent guy. I watched a talk about him the other day. 65 years ago he’s got all these beliefs about how people should live right. And when he was 21 yeas old he wanted do be sure that he’s right and wanted to test them.

So he joined the KKK in Florida and he dissolved them in a month and a half, he went in and just played it right. It’s an incredible talk.

And the last person?

– Larry David, or should I say Nicolas Tesla? Yeah, Tesla.

Favourite Movie?

– Observe and Report (laughs), people don’t know about that movie! So good! Seth Rogan is such a good character.

What is important when developing your own style in Freerunning?


Who was it?…. Rodney Mullen said he realized the best way for him to serve his sport is to be as individual as possible. So however you find yourself to be individual…., everyone comes from a slightly different background so just apply what you can. Me with Breakdancing, Ryan Doyle with Martial Arts, there’s always something you can apply, some experience no other Freerunners had and try to put that into your style.

What is Tim Shieff doing 10 years from now?

– (laughs) Something he loves doing, something he’s passionate about. I don’t know…saving the world…saving animals, turning people into vegetarians.


Who is an up- and coming Freerunner people should have an eye on?


Last question, what music is on your playlist right now?

Always Drake,….ah, I don’t wanna say that again.

I always go back to it,…yeah Instrumental Drake. He chooses the best instrumentals out of any artist.


Ludovico Einaudi, on a photoshoot the day I played that. I doesn’t really pump you for action to be fair, but if you’re just chilling or working on the computer it’s really good.


Rich Hill, he just released a mixtape with the weekend that’s quite Blues….HipHop meets Blues.

And always JME and some Stevie Wonder.

Lately Tim’s been on a heavy push with his Life in Handstand series and the content on Flow-Channel. Keep an eye out, especially for the really regular content on the Flow Channel!