We chose 6 New-Comer Athletes for our Video Spotlight this week, who are potential game-changers for our sport and culture. It’s not what moves they do, it’s how they do them.

We tried to look behind the jumps and came to the conclusion:

There is just a crazy amount of talent out there.

Being overwhelmed by the pace in which we see new and astonishing moves created every day, we had to step back a bit at first.

We know that from the inside of literally any scene or community, it feels like the growth and evolution of movement is exponential. Looking at the UFC for example, even though mixed martial arts competitions have been around for centuries, it’s just in today’s day and age that Connor McGregor can re-invent the way people compete in the ring.
New-Comer Athletes shape the way of the sport and culture. 

New-Comer Athletes
Or looking at Skateboarding, which in it’s “modern form” has been invented some time during the 1950’s – it was still referred to as “Sidewalk Surfing” back than – has had it’s greatest, history-changing moves invented more than two decades after it’s debut:

The No-Handed Aerial was First Performed by Alan “Ollie” Gelfand in the 1978  – The Move of the Century was Born

Today’s changes are coming quicker and the sports are evolving more rapidly – also due to technology, as described in our article on How You Can Hack Learning with “Webucation”.

That things are changing in the Parkour Community, we now know.
Who might be responsible for these changes, we can only guess.

And we guessed. 

In this Video-Spotlight Blogpost, We Focused on 6 Not-Yet-Popular Athletes Who Have the Potential to Change the Way You Freerun.

As regular human beings, most of us are strongly influenced by our surroundings and our peers, by trends and by ‘what is popular’. Without a judgemental connotation, we want to offer 6 Athletes with different styles and personalities, which you might have not come across yet.

“Strength lies in Differences, not in Similarities”
– Stephen R. Covey

#6 Khubaib Khaled

It’s not only strong single moves with a clean “photo-moment-form”, which impress, but it’s also the unusual combination of well-known moves with slight ‘twists’ in them.
At second 0:15 – is it a Tunnel-Sideflip-Half to A-Twist, or a Kick-the-Moon to B-Twist-D-Leg?
That kind of personality in style is what we like.

#5 Anton Tarasov

Anton Tarasov convinces with his ‘pointed-toes-style’ in combination with super high difficulty Acro-combinations.
If you had only seen his piked backflips a couple of years back, you’d have probably brushed him off as gymnast and didn’t spend much more time thinking about it.

But including these ‘tense’ acrobatics in many different variations, it seems clear that today we’re looking at Anton’s personal style, respecting the athlete for his skills and time invested.

#4 Alexander Titarenko

If Power is nothing without Control  – then…
ah, whatever. This guy has both. Backflip on a beam, to Gainer-Precision to another beam, to 360-Precision, to Backflip-Pre to the second beam. Anyways – taking control to another level with the Sideflip-Pre attempt at 0:59….

Alexander, if you’re reading this, please just let us know if the combination at 0:59 was planned?!

Well, besides some interesting variations of moves we already know, the Scoot-Front combinations convinced us.

#3 Air Style

Air Style is actually not a guy. Not sure if you would have noticed, but we want to stay honest here.
This is Vladimir Polianski, Kirya Kolesnikov and Niko Vershinin.

All of them can Webster-Pre on the spot – or should I say, ‘on the rail’? All of them actually train together at the same spot. And all of them are crazy skilled. 

It was amazing to see how suddenly these three beasts came out of nowhere at the same time – all of them blasting out the most difficult lines you could imagine – funny unusual talent accumulation, right?

They actually take #3 on this list, because to us it’s obviously not a coincidence that three guys, coming from the same town, push the boundaries of technical difficulty together. Community strengthens.

If we come together and learn from each other, the sum of the whole will be great than the sum of our parts. These three are making a point for it. 

#2 Dima Tkatchuck

Putting the grace back in Freerunning. Or Acrobatics. Or Tricking. But let’s look beyond just form with Dima Tkatchuk.

Putting a lot of effort in a clean form and shape is, I feel a bit under-appreciated in Parkour. Clean form stands for much more than just being an obedient gymnastics student – we’re Freerunners. We choose to express, we’re not told to.

The more personality you can consciously give your form, the more control you prove to have.

Self-taught aesthetic form and character go hand in hand – without character, no aesthetic form. Here is why:

To achieve a pleasing form it takes many hours spent crafting that skill and a lot of commitment – so perfect form coming from within is prove that you took time, working hard and persistently for what you believe is an expression of your true self

#1 Simon Nogueira from Paris, France

This one is my absolute favourite.
It’s true, Simon has been around for a while – and you have probably noticed him before, because he is one of the most exquisite hence technical movers – but I didn’t mention him for his way of movement. Let’s have a look at Simon from a different point of view.

Simone takes #1 of this list, because of the truly unique way he choses to display his kinaesthetic skills in his most creative video orchestrations.

Every single one of his videos has got character – just as much as he himself. If you’re being lazy right now and on a Youtube raid – I recommend you watch all of his videos.

Not only will you mirror-neurons start firing and you can soon webster like Simone, but you’ll also most certainly experience a boost in creativity and may get inspired for your own future Parkour project.

Thinking Outside the Box is What Allows for the Game-Changers in Movement.
How Can You Be the Best You? The Answer to That is the Recipe for True and Lasting Influence.


Did we forget someone so unique and skilled, but yet unknown whom we have to mention next time? Let us know in the comments.