You want to know how to be as creative as Salvador Dalí, Thomas Edison… or more likely, like Pasha Petkuns?
Oliver Nordin wrote an Article on How To Boost Creativity in Parkour, Sports & The Rest of Your Life – in 10 comprehensive Ways.

1. Inspiration From Other Practitioners

All the greatest artists throughout history have taken inspiration from the people around them. Today the internet gives us the opportunity to get inspiration from the whole planet. The creativity in extreme sports such as skateboarding has exploded since the invention of the internet.
Have a look at Pasha’s movements, below. You’ll surely be inspired to try something new next training.

2. Play

The most creative athletes are often the most playful. Play more, eliminate all rules, have an open mind, don’t fear small mistakes, have more fun, explore movement.

3. New Environments

When you train in a new environment you will be forced to step outside your comfort zone and try new things. New environments does not only mean a new city or a new country. It could be training in the forest or at some rocks at the beach.

4. Inspiration From Closely Related Fields

If you want a big dose of creativity, start looking outside of your own field. Take inspiration from breakdancing, capoeira, climbing, pole dance, skateboard or anything else you find inspiring.
improve creativity capoeira

5. Combine

Alot of innovation comes from combining things. Think about all the tricks you can do. Which of them can you put together to create something new?

6. Restrictions

Restrictions can often make you more creative. Try finding a small area or object and do as much as possible on it. Try not using one part of your body. Try using a specific part of your body in every trick. Try doing one single move at as many different places and variations as possible.

7. Imagination

Alot of my new moves has come from thinking about parkour when I’m not training.

Have a look at the featured image of this article, it is a screenshot from the Video “Jason Paul’s Freerunning Illusions”.
Here you have a great example how creativity in Parkour and Freerunning is not limited to movements.

8. Body Balance

Learn to take off from each foot. Learn to side flip both ways. Learn to twist both ways. With more body control comes more creativity.
Even handbalancing can take your creative game to the next level. You need more reasons than that to motivate yourself to start practicing? Have 5 more reasons why you should do handstands every day 

9. Inspiration From Animals

Watch monkeys play. See how other animals move and play.

10. Travel

Travel combines two earlier points; Inspiration from other practitioners and New environments. Communities in different counties and cities have very different styles. When you go there you have the chance to see things from their perspective, train in new places, get some inspiration and learn from them.
You are on a low budget? Don’t worry, every Freerunner is – but luckily we can learn from each other because of that. Have a look at Drew Taylor’s Article8 Ways To Travel On The Limited Budget Of A Freerunner.”

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