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“Urban Freeflow connects Freerunners worldwide!”

We believe Parkour & Freerunning is the single most coolest thing in the world, if you don’t agree get outta here!

If you do agree, come right into the world of UrbanFreeflow. All we do is think about how to grow this community every day. The power to bring Freerunning to the next level is already out there. It’s with you, me and everybody else who loves jumping off walls as much as Hipsters love Apple. To unleash this force we have to connect, exchange and grow. That’s why we built UrbanFreeflow.

It’s the one place where we all come together and connect! We share our stories, adventures and knowledge! And know that you know about this, there’s now way out. Make a difference, jump in, create your profile, talk and connect with Freerunners around the world. The best thing you can do for Parkour is to learn, grow, share and have fun!

Meet the UF Team

Aaron Martin

Jason Paul

Pascal Bueb

Enis Maslic

Hendrik Wiesner

Uli Seybold


Dylan Baker

UF Author

Erica Madrid

UF Author

Rusty Martin

UF Author

Giles C. Longley

UF Author

Sam Coppack

UF Author

Shyam Deolalikar

UF.TV / Facebook

Benjamin Molnar


Julius Brander


David Whene


Aaron Jansen

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